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A few important questions/comments

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by JZoombass1, Apr 21, 2006.

  1. JZoombass1


    Apr 21, 2006
    [/B]Hi everyone,

    This is my first post--(apart from my basic intro.) so I hope you get to read it without difficulty.

    A few important questions--(along with some personal comments) that I could use some help on at this point of my career as a bassist:

    1. Especially since lately I've been traveling to gigs "solo", I've found that I need a more compact amp than my SWR 1 15
    cabinet. But... I really like the sound of the SWR and have even found by way of comparison to my custom made Altec Lansing 1 12 cabinet that even possible "deadspots"--(like the A on the low E string) show up on the Altec and "not" the SWR -- has anyone experienced similar comparing the sound of 2 or more cabinets?.. I've found that to be an odd realization. Yet even so, I find the Altec to be a very detailed cabinet and something I'd like to still experiment with-- mainly due to its portability and the fact that it's a 12" spkr.--(perhaps being from "the old school" a cabinet like that is a little "too" detailed though?..)

    2. Can anyone recommend a portable and yet loud cabinet that I can replace my SWR 15" with? Something that isn't "that" expensive and yet you can still "feel" the bass with? That seems to be something that the SWR does well as I'm assuming something like an Epifani would--(though I've never actually owned one yet). Some other possibilities as far as cabinets go that I heard are good, would be an aguilar,Avatar or an Ashdown. I was thinking that since my Altec is a 12", that it might be good to pair it up with another 12" spkr.
    Yet would pairing up a 12 " speaker perhaps with 2 10's be a decent sound for a fairly loud rock band?..Or maybe just replacing my SWR with another more "compact" 15" spkr. might do the trick?..

    3. Combo recommendations anyone?-- the one that so far might suit my needs could be the Ashdown "Mag" 300 watt combo. What I like about it is that I can use the "speaker out" for my Altec if desired. And yet, would it be o.k. to use it if unaware of the Altec's peak wattage and I want to link them both together? I was hoping to do this with an EBS "Drome" amp-- but I don't believe there's an extension speaker out ala 1/4" inputs.

    4. Has anyone experienced a staticy sound coming from your cabinet(s)--(or humming sounds,etc.) from having weak batteries in an effect box or two?

    Any help or interesting comparison would be appreciated.

    -JZoom :help: :) :help:
  2. 1 - Sounds to me like the smaller speaker just isnt handling the lower notes, generally speaking the more speaker area you have the bassier the sound is, and a 1x15 is going to have more surface area than a 1x12

    2 - Look into Scholer (sp) if you can, they apparently make excellent cabs! just what your looking for maybe, either than or an ampeg 2x10 combo ?

    3 - I would always look for a seperate head, always easier to upgrade if your unhappy about part of your setup, and usually easier to fit in places because its two seperate parts

    4 - yeah, happens all the time with me, think thats more grounding issues with my basses tho, if the buzz goes away when you touch the strings then its a grounding problem somewhere along the line

    Hope this helps

    - Will
  3. Mcrelly


    Jun 16, 2003
    Minnesota, USA
    have you thought about casters for your wm15? or luggage cart?
  4. JZoombass1


    Apr 21, 2006
    Hope this helps

    - Will
    It has indeed and thanks for your input!--(echoing the pun-;))

    More soon as I've been experiencing some computer difficulties-- for example, I just want to see if this message makes it a.o.k. to you before writing a longer reply.

  5. JZoombass1


    Apr 21, 2006
    Will-- thanks again for your input.

    Here are my responses (in return) to your comments:

    1. Although I tend to agree with you about the speaker size in my case, I think one of the things I'm hoping--(especially with all this great new bass gear coming out) is that there might still be a powerful enough 12" speaker--(or perhaps 2 10's) that I can utilize "live" that can meet up to my needs with my band. At the moment, we're not playing large venues either. Also with the right 12" cab, I'm banking I can link up both my Altec and whatever new cab I decide on getting-- unless it's dangerous to hook up "differant" cabinets together.
    Might you (or anyone else) know about that type of hookup?
    It's also important to note that I have a GK 400RB head at this point. One of the 12" cabinets that may work in this case could be the Eden D112XLT I've heard-- it can hold 250 Watts which I would think would be a good match for my GK head(?)-- yet again, I'm wondering if I can hook up both cabinets together, even though one wouldn't be "matched" at the moment. The other I was thinking could be an Epifani UL112. Any other suggestions are welcome.

    2. I don't think I've heard of Scholer--(are you sure you don't mean "Shroeder"?) Either way, if you might have their address link online for example, I'd be happy to look them up. As far as the Ampeg 2 x10 possibility, thanks for the suggestion. It's a possibility, although I've been using the "Bass Gear" issue that Bass Player Magazine came out with from 1998 as a referance, and it didn't give the Ampeg 2 x10 the greatest review--(though I realize that was then and Ampeg have probably updated their cabinets since).

    3. Yes, the more I think about it, I think a seperate head and bottom make for a smart setup and luckily, I have my GK 400RB at the moment to get me started again. I think it's still an important point however about whether or not I can link up both the Eden cab for example "and" my Altec Lansing, which I'm guessing is not as powerful as what the Eden can handle. For example, could hooking up 2 mismatched cabinets cause a power failure?

    4. Thanks -- I feel better about what you shared. I don't think it was a grounding problem however -- I think it was probably down to batteries in my effects that were just running out. It was just strange to hear some humming and odd sounds from my SWR cab that I never heard before-("ouch"!-;))

    Thanks again and I hope I end up making the right cabinet choice!

    -JZoom :bassist:

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