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A few questions about adding a cabinet.

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by CoryBelcher, Jun 1, 2004.

  1. Hey all. If you dont mind, I need a little help.

    I have a svt-5 pro head and a 410 hlf (4ohm). I just got a Peavey 1516 (4 ohm) to add to my setup. And Im wondering how I should set it up? SHould I BIAMP it? or would it be better to just mono bridge the svt5 to the 4x10 hlf, and just plug a speaker cable from the input of the 4x10 directly to the 1516 input.?

    Also- how much difference in tone, and for your speakers, is it to use a speaker cable insted of an instrument cable when linking two cabinets?
  2. I would run both cabs full range duel mono. That way you can adjust the volume of each cab to match each other. Both are pretty much full range cabs so bi-amping wouldn't really accomplish much. Mono bridge will put your output ohms too low (2 ohms) which I doubt your amp will tolerate.
  3. how do i run them both full range, dual mono?

    And my ampeg svt5 handles at 2ohm- RMS is 500x2
  4. Frank Martin

    Frank Martin Bitten by the luthiery bug...

    Oct 8, 2001
    Budapest, Hungary, EU
    2*500w @ 2 Ohms means that you can run two 2 ohm loads on both sides. it will give 500W per side. ;)

    to run both cabs full range, mono, then plug your cabs into both sides (NOT bridged!) (one into one side, the other into the other).

    Dont cheap out with not using speaker cables if you have already spent a lot of money on that ampeg gear :rollno:
  5. Full range means to give them the entire frequency range from you guitar. That is what happens when you plug your amp into speakers without bi-amping. When you bi-amp you divide the output signal from the amp into a low frequency ce and a high frequency output. You then send the high part to speakers designed for these higher frequencies and the low part to speakers designed for the low frequencies. Since both of your speakers are designed to handle the full range of frequencies, it would not make much.

    To set you system DUAL MONO, do this:
    DUAL MONO: The SVT-5 PRO’s two internal amplifiers will each power a full range cabinet.
    • Full Range/Biamp switch out (full range), Stereo/Mono switch out (stereo)
    • Connect a heavy duty speaker cable () from the SVT-5 PRO’s Power Amp A jack to the input of a full range speaker cabinet
    • Connect a heavy duty speaker cable () from the SVT-5 PRO’s Power Amp A jack to the input of a full range speaker cabinet

  6. so if i hook one 4ohm cabinet to power amp A, and the other 4ohm cabinet to power amp B; then ill have more power than just a mono bridge?

    Why is that?
  7. Running one 4 ohm cab to each power amp, a and b, is the safe limit for maximun power with your amp and cabs.

    If you attempted to run both cabs chained together mono-bridged, the power amps, a and b, would share the total 2 ohm load. That means each amp would see a 1 ohm load which is a big no no!