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A few questions on building....

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by SubPar, Aug 24, 2002.

  1. SubPar


    Aug 24, 2002
    I've been pondering building a bass for a while, and I've been wondering about a few things, before I start design and such...

    I know I want a lighter body, I play alot of Punk and I like heavier rock...So I'll be moving quite a bit...Maybe a P-Bass shape, Alder or Ash?Suggestions welcome always...

    I know I like the sound of a MusicMan, but don't want to expend that much money, seeing as I don't HAVE that much money...And saving is a pain...So maybe an EMG Select HB, or a SD MM....

    An Active EQ is almost a must, since I like adjusting it, and I can't run to my amp everytime I find something a little off....Maybe the SD MM comboed with the 2 band EQ?

    4 string, I Like the feel of an Ibanez neck, but that's more comfortable on a 5 string, for me...A Precision Neck would be the most favorable....

    Chrome hardware, Hipshot tuners, and a D-Tuner....
    Bad Ass Bridge....

    Am I on the right track?This is all new to me, but I've studied, and looked over everything I can think of...Anything Else I should look at?
  2. Lightweight, alder or ash?

    Go with alder for some weight savings. For even more weight savings, Warmoth offers a Dinky J that's just tad smaller than a regular J. Get it without routes for the pups since you're going for the MM.


    Seymour Duncan has that killer MM style pickup. This really is interesting to me. I don't necessarily care that it isn't true MM, just that it is a quality piece.


    An overlooked preamp that is really inexpensive ($80) is the 3 band model offered by Carvin. I installed one of these in a P/J Samick with stock pups for a friend and it came alive! No telling how good it would be with the SD.

    Everything else looks just fine. Tallied up I would guess that you'd spend $600-$800 without the cost of finishing.
  3. SubPar


    Aug 24, 2002
    I've got it tallied at about 600, that's Body, Neck,the Nut, the straplocks, the bridge, and the electronics...I'm looking at a lefty neck, with different placements of the tuning machines(1+3, like a lefty MM)BUT I'm right handed, so it'll be kinda like Lit's Guitar Player's strat...I've got a few original ideas, here...the Neck, the body combined with the P/G(Blue, yellow P/G, painted like a superman emblem(Cut in that shape))It's gonna be my Superbass....Anything else that's needed to complete my design phase?

    :::EDIT:::What is the most inexpensive way to go about finishing my bass, I want something like a Superman Blue...How could I do it?
  4. Just lacquer that bad boy up!! Seriously, the alder isn't what you would call a premium wood and it's grain is usually quite plain. That's why most of the bodies that are painted solid colors are alder (like Fenders). So go over to:


    and take a look at the solid lacquers available for guitars. This site has some great info about finishing and it all relates to their products.

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