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  1. ok so i have decided that i am going to start my first bass soon. i have quite a bit of woodworking experance and my dad does woodworking all the time so i am not worried about that part. what i am wondering is since i want my bass tuned to ADGC should i make it a 33" scale instead of 34"? I also was looking for a guide on how to so the truss rod and fretboard. so if you can point me to a website with truss rod instructions and fretspacing it would be much apreciated. thanks,


    ps its going to be a maple, walnut (and maybe some cherry) neck thru
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    Search for "fret calculator" on google or yahoo. There are a few really good sites that tell you the distance of each fret from the nut. However, having not had time to start my first bass project yet, I still don't know much about truss rods. Good luck...and let me know if you find anything.
  3. well heres where i am buying all the stuff that i need


    it has everthing that you need to build a guitar from wood to trussrod

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  5. Melvyn Hiscock's Make your own electric guitar or Martin Koch's Building Electric guitars are both good books.