SOLD A Forever Bass – Blonde 1960 Pre-CBS Slab Board Fender Precision Bass

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  1. Kmrumedy


    May 12, 2004
    Montreal, Canada
    Location: Montreal Canada

    Price: $4995 US

    Never thought I would do this….Hold on tight….here we go.

    A lot of you on here probably know this bass over the years given the amount of love it gets from the members.

    It is a 1960 Pre-CBS Fender Precision bass made around April 1960. The bass was purchased from the nephew of the original owner who bought it new in 1961. Unfortunately, sometime in its life the original owner painted it…with house paint!! When he passed away the bass was willed to his nephew who simply put it in a closet for 25 years. A member on here found it, told me about it and I bought it from him.

    I decided to spend good money and bring the bass back to life. Rather than do a regular refin, I hired Mark Jenny Company who also offers restoration services of vintage Fenders. We decided to treat it like a restoration even though we were sure we were going to change the colour. This was an extensive 5 month project involving a TB member, Mark Jenny, and a Vintage Fender luthier.

    The house paint over the decades had destroyed the original sunburst paint. It couldn’t be removed without removing all the original paint. It was impossible. We also wanted to retain the original date markings on the neck and body. So the paint was professionally and painstakingly removed and then shipped to Mark Jenny for the restoration. (See pictures below of when it was stripped to see date markings etc.)

    Other than the refin on body and neck - the only thing not original was we were missing 1 screw in the bridge and a couple of screws ( I think 2) for the pickguard. The ground wire had been changed with some ugly soldering that was cleaned up later (see picture). That’s it. Everything else was original including a rare and richly deep intact tort pick guard and back plate in amazing shape.

    Bonus - Included are pictures of the actual restoration. Something that you don’t often see when buying a bass like this so you can see everything and buy with confidence.

    I have always loved yellowed blonde aging basses. So we decided to go that route. We went with the thinnest nitro we could so that aging would accelerate naturally over the time of my ownership. I asked Mark's team not to relic the bass but just make it look like it had been lightly played and well cared for over the decades. The most natural look he could come up with and he nailed. I have since played the living snot out of this bass for a few years so it is a mix of natural wear and the original concept. This is not your average refin…..look at the pictures.

    Looking at the stripped paint pictures you can see on the headstock where the original logo was. We were unable to keep it as it was painted too. I had a logo put on and it is underneath the finish.

    After a few months it was shipped to a local luthier who specializes in vintage Fenders. The offending ground wire was replaced with authentic period correct wire then set up for spec using other pre-CBS instruments as model.

    The bass is currently strung with brand new LaBella Deep Talkin Flats. The neck is straight. The action is low and not a single buzz anywhere on bass. And the tone…..oooohhhhhhhh….

    Every effort was made to make this bass a forever bass and to bring the old girl back to life. Mission accomplished. This was not an inexpensive venture! This is not your average refin…not by a long shot. This is as good as it gets other than having original finish.

    I have the opportunity to buy a vintage hotrod so I am trading vintage wood for vintage steel.

    I am located in Montreal Canada. I am willing to drive within a 500 mile radius into the US. Vermont, NY State, New Hampshire, Connecticut to deliver in person for cash. I would actually prefer that to shipping. This bass is special.

    If shipping - I will split actual shipping and insurance costs with the buyer. It comes with a 1990's brown Fender case in great condition.

    I would prefer not to use PayPal.

    Sorry. No trades.

    This is a spectacular instrument.

    Come get your Forever Bass!] 20170518_093233_zpsf1igx6s6.jpg [/URL]] 20170518_093139_zpszt2zo1mh.jpg [/URL]] 20170518_093253_zpsmqge1h83.jpg [/URL]] 20170518_093526_zpsmqmqiohq.jpg [/URL]] 20170518_093418_zpsx4ygsmyd.jpg [/URL]] 20170518_093402_zpsyeex8xp6.jpg [/URL]] 20170518_093345_zpstqkjvij2.jpg [/URL]] 20170518_093325_zpslufe41jc.jpg [/URL]] 20170518_093311_zpseofovh4u.jpg [/URL]] 20170518_094057_zps3tazwkau.jpg [/URL]] 20170518_093716_zpsvs6t0nvg.jpg [/URL]] 20170518_093702_zpskrz9hsrz.jpg [/URL]] 20170518_093643_zpsw3vkd7dt.jpg [/URL]] 20170518_093555_zpscd3aq4gu.jpg [/URL]] 20170518_093541_zpsjkked2fa.jpg [/URL]] 20170518_093512_zpsf5gfzfk2.jpg [/URL]
  2. Kmrumedy


    May 12, 2004
    Montreal, Canada
    Restoration date codes and stripping] IMG_0636_zpsi4fwzlo1.jpg [/URL]] IMG_0637_zpscyxrkdqg.jpg [/URL]] IMG_0622_zpsnwdd09mb.jpg [/URL]] IMG_0642_zpsv8wxwakx.jpg [/URL]] IMG_0623_zpsmimozgwq.jpg [/URL]] IMG_0624_zpst2covgmu.jpg [/URL]] IMG_0619_zpsczfkzffb.jpg [/URL]] IMG_0620_zpszrf1gc1n.jpg [/URL]
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  3. Session1969

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    Dec 2, 2010
    Absolutely beautiful. I wish I could.
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  4. p0k

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    Feb 6, 2007
    Brockton, MA amazing
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  5. El Tookay

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    Sep 19, 2008
    I would love to keep this one in the home and native land....truly a Forever bass.
  6. Kmrumedy


    May 12, 2004
    Montreal, Canada
    Thank you all for the kind words.

    This one went fast. On its way to a warmer climate.

    Thanks Talkbass
  7. bassballs27

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    Aug 12, 2002
    Ontario, Canada
    Just missed this one....and ironically sold my Fodera.

    Someone is going to be really happy!
  8. I remember the original tale of this one . Congrats to the new heir to this beauty. I'm just glad it's not a July ' 60 (my bd) or I would be really disappointed.