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  1. So some of you may have read the thread I had made about a month ago about the band that was auditioning new bass players, and then they had cancelled my audition before they heard me play. I was pretty bummed. This is the original thread.


    Anyway, I live in the smallest province in Canada, and big ticket bands (ones that are on MTV often) only happen to come here a few times a year. There are two big ticket bands playing a show here next month and the promoter had put on a battle of the bands where the winner would open for the big acts. It would be a 3 night battle. 6 bands the first night with the top two going to the finals, 6 bands the second night with top two going to the finals and 4 in the finals. Well this band was playing the first night, and so was my crust punk band (which is widely considered a joke/terrible),

    At the end of the night, we won, they didn't. A crust punk band that replaced two members a few days prior to the show beat their band which has two albums released and is signed to an actual label haha. There were obviously really pissed!

    So our band is in the finals with my cousin's band so far, wish us luck!
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    Jun 7, 2006
    Rock on man.

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