A funny thing happened during a gig......

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  1. The other day at a dance I was playing, my ADA MB-1 unit just stopped working. It was working one minute and then stopped the next. Later I found out the problem was that somehow the program I was using deleted itself somehow. I have no idea what happened but at the time did not try to switch programs. If anyone has any idea what could have happened I would like to know. It really sent off a bad series of technical difficulties that really hurt the performance, so if anyone knows how to avoid this happening please tell me.
  2. My guess would be that the backup battery, that keeps the preset memory alive when the unit is off, has died. Sort of like the CMOS settings on your PC. These batteries have a 3-5 year "life expectancy".

    My E 0.02
  3. I thought of that but there were two problems

    A. No other programs were erased
    B. It was plugged in

    So I dont think that could have been it. Do you think there is anyway a surge could have shocked it and wiped out that slot of memory?
  4. Other possibilities:

    -A mains power surge
    -A temporal ground lift
    -Too much vibrations from the cabinet
    -A loose power cord
    -A loose internal connector or badly inserted chips
    -Interference due to proximity of the power amp

    Are a few I can think of.....

    I hope this helps.
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  6. I am sorry, but that site is no help whatsoever I already checked them out, and they hardly have anything on there for the MB-1. Only for the guitar model.
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    Dec 23, 2000
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    Did you try the forum? I saw a question like yours a while ago, but I forget what the problem was.