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A glimpse into the future?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by GearHeadBassMan, Apr 13, 2009.

  1. Disappear


    May 9, 2008
    Just wait until we perfect nanotechnology. It's going to change the entire world.

    I likes this technology and demand that it be sent to me for free so I can test it.
  2. Greyvagabond


    Aug 17, 2007
    Los Angeles
    With any luck, we'll have have psycho-acoustic implants in our brains that can receive a wireless transmission of the perfect on-stage mix directly into our aural cortex!
  3. bongomania

    bongomania Gold Supporting Member Commercial User

    Oct 17, 2005
    PDX, OR
    owner, OVNIFX and OVNILabs
    I heard Warwick was working with Dethklok to develop water-based amplification.
  4. chadds


    Mar 18, 2000
    Your Portuguese H20 dog should love that.
  5. i like to think that in 50 years, when we have the newest and most amazing amplification systems in the world, there will still be JimmyM with his fliptop demanding that it sounds better.
  6. There is already a thead on these speakers.

    Nanotechnology is hardly the be all and end all. Plenty of interesting applications. None of which to do with creating music tho :p

    (Studying a masters in nanotech at the mo)
  7. now there's two! :hyper:
  8. I'm gonna remain sceptical about it, because they've focussed on using for public announcements and car stereos, I think the sound quality won't be that great and is therefore better off being used where space is at a premium. Electro-static speakers have been around for a while, and similarly are very thin.

    As soon as they start getting used in bass amps, i'll eat my words!
  9. Disappear


    May 9, 2008
    Create technology and there will always be a way to apply it to music. I may not know exactly how but I'm convinced people have found/will find it. That and superconductors. I'm convinced and I'm not accepting anyone telling me it can't be done as an answer :D
  10. bongomania

    bongomania Gold Supporting Member Commercial User

    Oct 17, 2005
    PDX, OR
    owner, OVNIFX and OVNILabs
    I'm looking forward to microbe-based biospeakers. That way whenever you want to listen to a piece of music, you just have to get infected with it.
  11. dubsymmetry


    Mar 13, 2008
    oh yeah, music that changes your DNA.
  12. Zombbg4


    Jul 15, 2008
  13. Sindri907


    Feb 24, 2009
    My old neighbor was an electrical engineer and a huge audiophile. He had several Electro-static speakers that he had actually helped design (can't remember the brand). Each one was bout 6'x2' and about an inch thick. They could make some killer bass, but it took 4 of them and absurd amount of power.
  14. john turner

    john turner You don't want to do that. Trust me. Staff Member

    Mar 14, 2000
    atlanta ga
    it does that already. at least the good stuff does. :)
  15. Jim C

    Jim C Is that what you meant to play or is this jazz? Supporting Member

    Nov 29, 2008
    Bethesda, MD
    Funny how they don't talk about frequency response or effeciency.
    Think about it this way:
    How much better do amps sound now than from say 1960?
    In nearly 50 years, they have become more powerful and smaller.
    Speakers have improved some built many still prefer the hassle of an early SVT for their best bass sound.

    That's what I love about guitars, amps, and tube audio.
    Name anything else that plugs into a wall outlet that isn't 1,000 time better now than then?
  16. FFTT


    Mar 15, 2009
    I'm just waiting for the completely self contained bionic ear to restore
    the hearing in my right ear.

    My realistic outlook for the future is worm fodder and coming back to haunt my
    children for selling my gear for pennies on the dollar.
  17. bongomania

    bongomania Gold Supporting Member Commercial User

    Oct 17, 2005
    PDX, OR
    owner, OVNIFX and OVNILabs
    This is begging for a smartarse reply. :p
  18. eno50


    Jan 31, 2009
    North of Memphis
    But remember to hang on to your gear you have now , Some young cat will be riding around in a shuttle like the Jetsons, saying ... Man I just seen on Space-bay some old dude has an old Markbass head for sale, my grandfather used one of them back in the year 2009...........
    Now you have some hindsight......remember all the gear you had one time,that you wish you still had.......
  19. Kelly Lee

    Kelly Lee Yeah, I'm a guy! Supporting Member

    Feb 17, 2004
    Marana, AZ, USA

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