a good action setup for tapping

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  1. I was wondering how low everyone sets their action for tapping, I havent bothered changing it since I started tapping, but I am going to when I take it in to get work on it.


    Nate M
  2. I am dissatisfied with my action, its too hight around the 12th fret and too low around fret 1. annoying the hell out of me.

    I went to some of the sites suggested, but i just can't get it right.

    Am i damaging anything? aka the truss rod settings/neck settings but changing the action up and down say every second day?

  3. this is where personal preference comes in.

    it's a call between, too high and you find your right hand technique suffers, but you can have a lot of fun with the left(assuming your a righty), forming chord shapes, executing hammer-ons, pull-offs, etc, it makes it a little more exciting.

    or too low and your either not going to get a decent sound or you'll find your left hand will get lazy and all you'll be able to do is slap and tap

    i have an action thats suitable for both, but it has a lot to to with the bass i'm playing on, it has a very flat board, only a very slight radius, and hardly and relief in the neck, only a touch on front

    it's a 5 but from bass side it's 3 1/2mm
    and treble is the same, theres a slight camber as it progresses across, but not a great deal

    what bass are you playing>?

    i know for example on my old j, the action was quite high, but that was because if it was any lower it would rattle on 12>

    experiment with the hight of your strings
    if you have to make any truss rod adjustments, remember only a 1/4 turn and let it relax, also reintonate after adjusting

    last tip, use a hair bobble/tie as a capo style mute around the 1st/2nd fret when tapping, i find that it stops any fray notes and gives a little more percussive style, give it a go, just experiment, everyone will have a different opinion on the best setup