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A great place to buy a bass

Discussion in 'Rocket Music' started by homsar, Apr 19, 2015.

  1. homsar


    Oct 30, 2007
    Metro Detroit
    Just wanted to share my personal experiences with buying from Greg at Rocket Music.

    In short - if you can arrange the trip to Blacksburg to visit the store in person, I highly recommend it for three reasons:

    1) It's a rare treat to be able to check out so many nice basses in one stop. I was looking to A-B a G&L M2500 and a G&L MJ-5; Greg had one of each, plus I got a little bonus time playing other instruments that caught my eye. I've been in plenty of stores with a larger inventory of basses - but not with an inventory this large of basses I would actually want to buy.

    2) I got good tips from Greg dialing in the sound I was looking for. He listens to what you're saying and will make adjustments to the bass, amp, and/or cabinet to get the sound you want. Suffice it to say I have learned not to take this for granted. Some shop owners seem to want to sell you their signature sound along with the instrument. This is definitely NOT the case at Rocket Music.

    3) You can have Greg demo the bass for you in person and this is key for two reasons. First, it's just fun to watch because the guy can really play. Second, at least in my experience, if Greg picks up the bass, it seems to be hard for him to resist dialing in the setup to perfection, so you end up with something that sounds and plays as well as it possibly can. I have had guitar store staffs adjust setups a couple times after I commented about setup issues (fairly substantial issues like open strings buzzing due to back-bowed necks) but this is the first time I have ever had someone fine-tune a setup when it hadn't even occurred to me that there might be room for improvement.

    Only bad thing I have to say about this place is walking through the door can be hazardous to your credit card balance. If you walk through the door, and you're not dead-set on buying, you'd better have incredible will power. I have walked into Rocket Music and some other places without being 100% sure i was going to buy an instrument that day. Greg goes a lot farther than a lot of people will to show you what a piece of gear can do for you. So if you walk out the door with more gear than expected...you can't say you weren't warned. :)
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  2. RocketMusic

    RocketMusic Gold Supporting Member Commercial User

    Oct 31, 2007
    Blacksburg, VA
    Owner, Rocket Music
    Thanks for the very kind words, Joe! It was a pleasure meeting you and getting to hang out and talk bass and career paths. I hope your JMU trip was smashing success!

    The MJ-5 will be headed your way tomorrow. :p
  3. When you gonna set up a store in Australia Greg??

    I live in a small country town and last week went to a large regional city just north of Sydney. I was excited to try out some basses while the wife and two daughters went shopping and went to the largest instrument store in the area. I remembered they had a LOT of guitars last time we were up that way as my kids tried out a few Maton's and Taylors and I was really looking forward to trying out a few basses. They had 10 basses in total. Two Gibsons, three P's, two J's, two Squire Jag Short Scales and a full scale Jag. To say I was disappointed is a major understatement.
  4. RocketMusic

    RocketMusic Gold Supporting Member Commercial User

    Oct 31, 2007
    Blacksburg, VA
    Owner, Rocket Music
    Shipping makes the world go 'round these days! There are some restrictions on which brands we can sell in Australia, but if we're allowed to do so we'd love to hook you up with a bass!

    That won't scratch your try-it-before-you-buy-it itch, but it's the best I can offer! :)

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