a guitar head thru a bass speaker

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  1. now i play bass and guitar.

    i have recently upgraded my bass rig to a ashdown abmII 500 head and eden 112XLT cab

    now its time for me to get a good guitar rig going.

    so i'm thinking as a temp for a while i could use the eden cab with a guitar amp.

    has people done this before, is the sound still alright?

    i'm doing this so i can spend more money on a guitar head now and get a guitar cab later on down the track, a few months away

  2. thumbman

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    Nov 2, 2005
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    lots of people use bass equipment for guitar. Although you will find it may not be your cup of tea. Just get a head and chuck it on top and see what you think before you commit.
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    It will be OK for practice, probably need to mic it for a band situation unless your guitar head of choice has a line out - features that we expect in a bass amp are often missing in guitar amps. A 12 is probably the best bass speaker to play guitar through.

    I play guitar maybe once a month. My bass head (Mesa D-180) is also IMO one of the best guitar heads on the planet. Sounds OK with guitar through my 2X15, but the 2X15 sounds terrible if I compare it to the sound I get with a good guitar cab.

    So, to me your plan sounds good - it will let you save up for a good guitar cab, always good if you can avoid buying OK gear because you need it right away, when for a little more money and in a little while longer you could have gotten GREAT gear.
  4. yeah, well its just going to be for practise for the time being.

    if i need to use it for a gig, i can always borrow or hire a guitar cab :)
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    You've got it bass-ackwards. Guitar and bass amps are quite similar, guitar and bass speakers very dissimilar. Get a guitar speaker and a guitar multi-effects and use your bass amp.