A happy DP Custom (er)

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  1. I just received my DPCustom bass… and I love it.

    I must admit with all the bad publicity Dave has received on this site I was getting kind of concerned that I was going to get a plank of roughly sawed out plywood…. But I received what is beyond what I was hoping for.

    Now it certainly has not had the hundreds of hours of finishing time like an Alembic custom… but for what I’ve paid there is nothing I can complain about. (I almost feel like I ripped dave off)

    The only 2 things I can recommend to someone considering a Dave Pushic bass… is to be patient… don’t rush him, and know what you want.. (don’t change your mind half way through the project.) I always made Dave know that I wanted him to take the time he needed to finish the job the way he wanted to. I would suspect some of these “bad” basses are the result of people wanting their bass sooner and not giving Dave the freedom to take his time on them and/or changing their mind on key details late in the project.

    My guitarist and the owner of the local guitar shop here said that it was “sweet” and when I plugged it in he said it sounded “sweet” and when I let him hold it he said with a big smile on his face, “sweet.”

    My co-worker a bassist for the band “clever” said when he saw it, “You suck, I hate you.” And then when I told him how much I paid for it he said, “You suck, I hate you.” Then he said that he loved the feel of the neck and the weight. And when I took it away from him he said, “You suck, I hate you.”

    THE SOUND… argh! She’s got passive quad coil barts with no active eq. and when I plugged her in she sounded kinda weird… so I figured I should reset my amp’s eq and start from scratch… I put everything in the middle… put all coils on… and put the tone control (on the bass) in the middle… she sung… mmmm… and it was good. No messing with perfection.

    Heavy full sound yet poppy without the harshness of my other bass’s active EMG’s… I’m not normally slaphappy… but it just sounds so warm and rich on this bass… The finger style is nice because of the low action and amazing intonation (used a chromatic the whole way up… stayed green) very fast neck…. Dave’s necks have a real nice feel… they are the same thickness the whole way up… kinda tough to explain but he has a good explanation with pictures on the FAQ on his site (www.dpcustom.com)

    So without further adieu… some pics.

  2. Wow! That's really cool lookin'. Congrats on the new bass. How about some more specs -- what's the top wood, body wood, neck wood, etc.?
  3. another...

  4. What you were wanting a plank of purdy sawed out plywood?!:DJ/K That's a sweet bass...

    You suck, I hate you :D

  5. another....
  6. the heel.... mmmm... this is better than porn.
  7. some head??? with some zero fret??? and hipshot extender????
  8. maple burl... better than chicken!!!
  9. one more... this one looks like the camera may have distorted abit... but gives you an idea... this is the back.
  10. Congrats!! It looks great!


    ps - I never rushed him either...
  11. oh yeah! thx Dave Siff.

    Topwood is Burled Maple
    Body wings are Ash
    Neck is Maple/Paduak/Maple
    Fretboard is PaoFerro Rosewood
    Tuning machines are generic
    Hipshot Bass Extender Key
    Tuned Eb(Db)-Ab-Db-Gb-B
    2 Bartolini Quad coil soapbars
    individual bridges
    volume controls for each pick up
    tone control
    3way coil selection switches for each pickup
    24 plus zero fret neck
  12. Just for fun... this was the picture dave had to work with for the shape...
  13. furiously funky

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    Dec 28, 2002
    wow, the full back pic took me by surprise! I like top as well. why did you not go with the slanted pups in yr first pick?
  14. godoze


    Oct 21, 2002
    I must admit that that bass looks geat. Body shape works for you so that is cool.

    The workmanship looks spot on.

    Jeff, are you sure you didn't rush him ?;)
  15. phogchris

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    May 27, 2000
    Boca Raton, FL
    Roughly how much does a custom DP job like this cost? I see that he charges $700 for a standard 5. But, with all the options, was it $1000-$1500? Or $2000+? Thanks.
  16. It's awesome how the grain coincides between the ash wings and the extention of the neck at the joint and the bottom of the body... [​IMG] good work.. definately.
  17. Zoot H Rollo

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    May 10, 2000
    Redmond, WA
    wow friggin WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    that's the nicest DP i've ever seen!

    looks like he's got it together on that one!

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!


  18. "Roughly how much does a custom DP job like this cost? I see that he charges $700 for a standard 5. But, with all the options, was it $1000-$1500? Or $2000+? Thanks."

    :) The pricing fluctuates... prices of good wood fluctuate... time varies from job to job... I had to have mine shipped to canada... just send dave an email and he'll give you the deal...
  19. GRCorman

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    Oct 29, 2002

  20. Brendan


    Jun 18, 2000
    Portland, OR
    Best DP I've seen. Looks like he finally got his shinola together for that one. I'm actually impressed.