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  1. I've heard many a post on this board depicting the "EMG sound" or the "Rickenbacker sound", etc. I was wondering if we could put together a list of songs that present a "prototypical sound" of a certain type of pickup. For example, if you hear a song that can 100% be identified as being played with a Fender P-bass with a pick, list it (even though this sound is pretty distinct to me). If you hear a song that to you defines the Warwick or EMG sound, post it. I do understand that there are vast tonal variations out of these pickups, but I think it's fair to say that many pickups in the world of bass playing today have a distinctive sound.

    Here's a SMALL list of a few pickups and/or setups that I would like to be included:

    Fender P (w/ or without pick)
    Fender J
    EMG (actives only)
    Warwick (any warwick can be mentioned)
    Musicman Stingray and/or Sterling
    Any Gibson bass, especailly the short scale ones

    These are just a small portion of the basses I hope I get replies from. In fact, if you find any sort of sound that DEFINES a certain type of setup, like (this is a p-bass w/roundwounds and a pick through ampeg head and cabs; I know it's hard to get that precise) by all means post it.

    I hope to provoke intelligent discussion, not a flame war against me or anyone else.:)
  2. Good thread Chris. Here are some I can think of now, if I forget any, I'll just come back and add them on.

    Fender P w/o pick: It's in your face on these.
    1) Pick up the pieces - Average White band
    2) Feels so good - Chuck Mangione

    Fender P with pick:
    1) Sloop John B - The Beach Boys (Carol Kaye in the Studio) or almost any other early Beach Boys song.
    2) A Horse with no name - America (Joe Osborne in the studio) Joe's pick w/flatwound sound was also on many early Carpenters songs.

    Fender Jazz:
    1) Cisco Kid - War
    2) Alright now - Bad Company
    3) So far away - Carole King

    1) Roundabout - Yes - almost any other Yes song
    2) Burn - Deep Purple - not 100% sure, but I think so

    Musicman Stingray:
    1) Stomp - Brothers Johnson

    That's it for now, I'm going home.

    Mike J.
  3. I have quite a bit of this on my web site under Reference Tunes. My spread sheet has other stuff by tone, tune and artist. I have several MP3 samples on my site. See my signature.