A horrible noise from within?

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  1. Today at band practice, I was playing along and everything was fine. Then I shut my amp (Ampeg B3158) off for a few minutes. When I turned it back on, some horrible loud distorty synth-y almost noises came out when there was usually just the hum of my jazz bass. When I played, it sounded like my 8" speaker was ripped. There was this sound like sheets of paper. After playing a few songs like that, I turned it off and got some donuts. When I turned it back on, all was fine. Is there any explanation for this? Are my speakers ripped?

    And if they are ripped and I need new ones should I contact Ampeg, or buy some like Carvin? The Carvin 8s are rated at 200 watts, and their 15's are rated at either 400 or 600 so I don't think there would be blowing problems. Help? Thnx in advance.
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    Always be sure to go for donuts before you play.

    Seriously, it sounds like the speaker surround may have seperated from the cone. I don't know if you can see the speaker easily or not. See if you can see any physical damage to the speaker. It may not be easy to detect without removing it.

    With low frequency drivers, it is important to try to match the cabinet to the driver very carefully so as to not lose the lower frequecies. For and 8 inch midrange driver, this becomes less important. If you need to replace the speaker, the Carvin should do an exceptional job as a replacement.
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    i always have a horrible noise from within after taco bell.
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    But why would the noises go away after shutting it off and turning it back on? My cab makes some weird noises if it gets damp or there is an extreme temperature change (like if it's cold outside and then I bring it in and play through it right away). After an hour or so, it too clears up and seems to be fine.

    Also, I too make some ghastly noises after cycling off of my creatine. Whew!
  5. Well now that I'm home, I cranked it up this morning and there was no noise. Everything was in perfect working order. Both speakers have sound coming from them. There was no badness.

    And it was kind of chilly up in the practice room. Maybe that was it.