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  1. My friend has a bass he does not like. I also do not like it for some simple reasons like the colour, the sound and the playability of it. It could be a nice bass but it needs things done to it.

    I'm concidering buying the bass off him and re-doing it.

    What I would do is sand down the back of the neck so that it is just plain wood without any of that thick varnish crap on it. (The varnish that comes on really really cheap basses.)

    I would want to paint it also. Probably spray paint it pink... possibly use proper paint. I'm not sure what you do when the body has that coating type thing on it.

    I'd also raise the bridge, polish the fretboard, re-string it and sand the nut a little.

    I don't have any experience in doing this kind of thing at all. Would you suggest I go ahead ewith it or not, and if I do, do you have any tips for me please? Please note that it will be expensive to buy the bass in the first place, so if I **** it up I'll be very annoyed.

    Thank you.
  2. oh come on people. I don't believe for a second that nobody can give advise me in any way. :)

  3. Slater

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    Just remember the old saying, "You can't polish a turd". ;)
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