A little story about GAS

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  1. Ok so I've been watching this offshore Elrick 5 for sale for a month or more go down and down in price and I've been looking at it almost daily thinking I can't spend the money. I just said to myself buy it On Sunday. When I got home from the gig and went online, it was gone. I've been kicking myself for not buying it. I mean I'm really PO'd about missing that deal.
    So much so I bought another 5er I had been watching go down in price, also for a month. Sort of a rebound purchase. The upside is the Lightwave Sabre Hybred 5 string was about half what the Elrick cost. So I really saved hundreds of dollars! I've been on the lookout for one of each for a long time so .........that makes it alright, right? Haha
    I will own an Elrick 5 in the near future. Mark my words.
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    Sounds like great savings to me! Congrats!