A.M.P. 260?

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  1. I played one of these at a (store name removed! ;) ) today and they had a price of $260 on it (a watt per dollar!).

    Despite the fact that it was running into 2 xxx branded 15's (I think the cabs are actually made by Sonic) it seemed to crank out some tones that are really in line with what I want.

    260 watts isn't much but when I gig/practice with my 100 watt Ampeg BA-115, it seems that adding another 100 watts or so would give me just about the right amount of headroom.

    What are people's thoughts about AMP's and the 260 in particular? What would be a good cab to pair it with? Is $260 a good bargain?

  2. Brad Johnson

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    Mar 8, 2000
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    Pricing is hard to figure out on the AMP products. I have two BH-420 amps (400w @4ohms) and wouldn't sell them for $500... they're that good. I can't imagine what I'd replace it with that would have the power, tone, size and reliability of mine, I really can't.

    The 260 is the lower powered version. Considering finding one is like finding hen's teeth I don't think $260 is out of line. If it were me, I'd see if they'd go for less money but I'd get it.

    I run mine mainly with an Eden D210XLT. The BH 260 should push that fine.

    BTW you might want to remove where you saw it in your post... if you're really interested in it;)
  3. Thanks Brad. ;)
  4. Yvon


    Nov 2, 2000
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    I saw a little while ago, I think it was on bassgear the preamp version of that head (the same pre I use). It was under 200$.
    I use mine with a 700 watt power amp, so I have the AMP sound and lots of power.