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a myriad of pickup replacement questions.

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by robNeedles, Dec 24, 2011.

  1. robNeedles


    Jan 25, 2011
    i'm rehabbin an old korean neckthru spector 4 (my main squeeze for bout 17yrs know), p/j setup with 4 control knobs (currently V/Bl/Tr/Bs, a setup i am comfortable with). I'll be playing predominatly rock w/occasionial country n funk. I like the signature active spector/emg rex brown tone, but i have heard the emgs are kinda limited. this is my first full revamp, so I have a lot of questions, such as:

    1)Active pups/active pre vs passive pups/active pre--are there any reasons for double active? that's just two preamps right? what are the advantages disadvantages of each setup?

    2)I'd love to keep the V/Bl/Tr/Bs setup, but are there distinct advantages to other setups? i.e.-the emg p/j set comes w/2vol/1tone...3 knobs...4 holes. my rebop5 has the emghz/aguilar obp1 and a 2vol/Tr/Bs setup...i think. is there something to this 2vol thing?

    Here are a few ideas, suggestions and reasons are appreciated:

    emg p/j or pjx set w/emg bts pre (the control setup i like). What's the difference between the pj and the pjx's? I've read the site,but...

    emgs with an aguilar pre. Which aggy and why? any other pre suggestions in the same price range?

    passive pups with the emg, aguilar, other pre? the emghz's? i've heard great stuff about the bill lawerence wilde p/j set. other suggestions? will this give me the tone i'm looking for.

    High points:
    1) active
    2) around $300 bones
    3)versitility is appreciated, but not as important as that big growly, piano-like spector tone

    Sorry I was so long winded guys, but for the sheckles I'm bout to lay down, I gotta get this right. I'm closer to Peavey than boutique. Thanks for everything guys.


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