A Nordy P ?!?!?

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    Apr 11, 2006
    I know it's just a "rumor", but I've been thinking about having a P/J 5ver built. I was leaning Valenti so I could get a 34" with some sexy birds-eye, etc and stay within the budget vs. a Sadowsky Metro (for $2,600!).

    But if I was to cave to the $2,600 higher price, should I wait for a Nordy P/J? Anybody have the inside scoop on an arrival time and appx price for this beauty?

    Carey says: Oh, and there have been some rumors about a Nordy vP bass. At this time I have no comment. ;-)

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    Jan 20, 2006
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    May 28, 2005
  4. A very simple two words:

    Yes please.:D:D
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    Is there a tonal difference between the J5 w P/J versus a P5 with P/J or is it just aesthetics or feel?

    God Bless, Ray
  7. The differences between a P bass and a J bass in P/J configuration will be largely aesthetic rather than sonic. As far as "feel" - the P-Bass neck is traditionally chunkier than the J style.

    As for the Nordy P Bass, here's the deal

    Carey and I were discussing a P-Bass for me. I originally suggested a 5 string P-Bass - ash body with 1 piece maple neck. However, as my '56 Fender P-Bass is currently in such demand (i.e. my brother keeps "borrowing it" for session work, and a couple of producers here are continually asking for it to use on their own stuff) I decided to go for an early 50's style P-bass with the single coil pickup so I can have that spec of instrument which I can keep for myself! hahaha. Think of the style like the old P-Bass Sting uses these days.

    We were looking at having a paisley finish, but we haven't been able to get a material which suits our needs. And Carey, I am sorry for ordering all that Paisley material - your office must look like a soft furnishing store! hahaha

    So, I am still having Carey make the early 50's style P-Bass. the body will be contoured for playing comfort.
    Lightweight ash body
    1 piece maple neck (21 frets?)
    single ply white scratchplate
    milled jack cup on outer edge
    passive Vol & Tone
    Single coil vintage style pickup
    4 saddle bridge for easier setup (compared to the traditional 2 barrel saddle)
    Pale pink finish!!!!!!!

    When that's complete, we will start work on the 5 string Ash bodied / 1 piece maple neck bass.

    So, 2 P-basses in the pipeline for me.

    I'll be sure to keep you all up to date with how it's progressing.

    Oh, and as for the "milled jack cup" - here's what that is. On the early Fender Broadcasters, Nocasters and Telecasters, they used the milled cup wich sits flush with the body and is really elegant and robust. Then, it was replaced by the pressed steel style cup which sits proud of the body and looks far less elegant. The pressed steel piece is far less expensive to produce, hence the reason Fender switched to it on their mass produced instruments: