A pup in a soapbar config with j or p sound anyone know of one??

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by Gandolf Bassist, Jan 21, 2002.

  1. I want to replace the pups on my les paul 5er. I would like them to stay soapbars but i want the p or j sound either, or maybe the G&L ones with the exposed pole pieces I like those.... back to question does anyone know of a good pup like that? I need help and preferably staying passive electronics. Thanx in advance, but i doubt many people will answer.
  2. JMX

    JMX Vorsprung durch Technik

    Sep 4, 2000
    Cologne, Germany
    Bartolini might have what you're looking for.
  3. basslax


    Apr 20, 2000
    Washington, DC
    i asked a similar question a while ago..aparently EMG makes "soapbar" pickups that are really a P or J inside, just a soap cover to make them fit.

    not sure if its EMG, but i hope i was able to help somewhat.
  4. basslax


    Apr 20, 2000
    Washington, DC
    found it!

  5. notduane


    Nov 24, 2000
    Aww...poop! :p

    I got pics :D --


    I'm not sure tho, if you can use EMG's in passive mode.

    Back to what JMX said - Bartlolini. They have similar P and
    DC arrangements in their soapbars and I think they can be used
    in passive mode. Your best bet may be to check the measurements
    on your current pups, and compare them with those in the Bart
    dimensional catalog. Once you get the dimensions figgered-
    out, go to their 'regular' catalog for blade arrangements.
  6. hujo


    Apr 18, 2001
    Stockholm, Sweden
    You can not use EMGs in passive mode... They need a battery to make any noise what so ever. However, you can run them without a preamp, with a normal treble roll-off.

    Come to think of it, there are ofcourse passive EMG's, like the Select, or the HZ, but these are budget pickups, IMO you'd be better getting something else. I also don't know if you can get HZ's with the P-configuration. I doubt it.
  7. geshel


    Oct 2, 2001
    Yes, Bartolini also makes P, J, and dual-coil designs in soapbar housings:


    And if you download the catalog it shows you the inner detail for the various types.
  8. Bartolini also offers the Quad Coil in soapbar format. You can do series/parallel/std P/reverse P all with switches.

    I'm looking at this combo of an EMG-40J with the Bartolini M45C in the neck position, as a potential P+J/5 combination. Warmoth will route their deluxe 5 bodies for a dual M4 soapbar configuration.

    Link to EMG-Bartolini Combo
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