A Question About Fender Aerodynes

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  1. I was recently on fender’s website and I found this page Aerodyne™ Jazz Bass® | Electric Basses

    And I see that its one of the cheapest Fender branded basses on their site.
    Does anyone have experience with these? Any photos that arent Fender stock photos?
    I also see it has a carved top which is appealing to me, infact this whole bass is incredibly appealing to me. But before I get one id like to hear TB’s opinion on them.

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    I had one years ago, one of the MIJ models. It wasn't bad, but it had flaws. The thin archtop body limited being able to customize, it had a bit of neck dive, and the J was weak if turned down and noisy if turned up (a problem with most PJ basses). I ended up selling it and getting a regular P bass with no regrets. But that was a long time ago, so I can't say if Aerodynes now suffer from the same issues mine did.

    This would have been about 2009 with the Aerodyne, when my hair was darker and my weight was lighter...

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    fuhgettabout that price new tag, a nice used one sat near me for half a year @ $350 with Aguilar PUs & wiring, I wanted it! they're a fine stick with a fan base but for some reason the bloom is off the rose on these beauties. be aware there are differences in some models, plus the Japan vs US variances with the electronics typically being the weak part of the whole deal, but it seems they're not too bad stock. here's a post I put up regarding the meh attitude for them after starting off with a bang cos they certainly look, feel, and play awesome omg... an unwanted Japan Fender Aerodyne @ $400?
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