A question about headphone amps

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  1. Hello. Sorry I realise there is already a thread about headphone amps and lists some different ones. But I had a particular question regarding them. Alot of them seem to just be a small jack that plugs into your bass and then the headphones plug into the jack(like the vox brand) I was wondering can you get a decent headphone amp that you can also plug your effects into? I don't know much about headphone amps in this way. I have a crappy practice amp that has a headphone slot on it. But the sound is dreadful, especially with effects.
  2. Its most likely your headphones and not the out on the amp. Cheap speakers sound like crap no matter what size they are. Invest in a good-mid quality headphones. Then you will actually hear what its supposed to sound like.
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    +1 to better headphones, and while you're at it, maybe save up for a better amp. nothing will sound great through a small practice amp either.
  4. I have pretty decent headphones. They are the audio technica ATH M50's. Amazing with everything I've plugged them into. I have ashdown abm 900 amps. But they have no headphone support. It's definitely the crappy quality practice amp.
  5. OK, well what's your goal price range?
  6. Well along the same line as the Ath M50's. Around 100-200 euro.(amounts to about 150- 250 dollars)
  7. Honestly, with that price range I would look at recording interfaces if you have a computer capable of it. I use a mini recorder and it sounds fine. Lots of people use the berhinger mini mixer with good results. If you do get the interface you could try different plug ins of amps cabs and effects so you could essentially try anything out before you buy the real thing. Just throwing that out there.
  8. hmmmmmm I am looking into recording equipment in the nearish future. So that's a good idea. I'd be looking to get a better laptop before I do that though. That's definitely a better option now that you've put that idea in my head. I might just wait and keep playing through the practice amp till I can splash the cash for it. Cheers for the info dude. Much appreciated
  9. Like I said, I picked up my mini recorder for like $30 you can find the berhinger mini mixer for close to that too. That would get you the results you are after till you can get an interface