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A Question about Warwick Basses

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Pratticus, May 2, 2006.

  1. Pratticus


    Aug 27, 2005
    Alrighty, so, I'm thinking of getting a new bass. Insofar, it's between a Warwick Vampyre or Warwick RockBass Streamer Standard...which do you guys recommend? Or is there something else that you recommend above both of them?

    I don't want to spend more than, let's say, $1000 dollars. I realize the problem with wanting a Warwick bass and that price limit, but whatever.
  2. Dub56

    Dub56 Supporting Member

    May 28, 2005
    You mean a Rockbass Vampire, right? A real one wouldn't be under 1000$

    I'd say your best bet would be a used bass, I got a used Corvette for about 600-700 on ebay.
  3. alanbass1


    Feb 8, 2006
    I like Warwick Thumb basses and second hand you can pick a Thumb Bolt on for under $1k. Personally, I'd save up for the through neck....but then I did.
  4. SoulMaim


    Dec 1, 2005
    Yeah good luck finding a vampyre for $1000, they're like $4500 new (well a ltd at least).

    If you're looking for a warwick and want to spend under $1000, you can find a variety of nice used ones for that price.

    I got a thumb bolt on new at a year-end music sale at a local store for just over a grand, and I found a messed up 80's streamer in a local music pawn shop for $200.
  5. dadodetres


    Dec 19, 2004
    If you want a warwick cause your head is fixed on a warwick, get a REAL warwick. The thing that makes a warwick sound like a warwick is the exotic wood they use.... and rockbass dont use them.

    For that money get a used corvvete, a used thumb, or try to find a deal on a fortress or other model.
  6. scuba steve

    scuba steve

    Dec 28, 2005
    Hillsboro, Tx
  7. PMC89


    May 1, 2006
    New Jersey
    that doesnt mean rockbasses are BAD basses, they just aren't signature warwicks and therefore dont get that signature warwick sound.
  8. Spfairchild

    Spfairchild Supporting Member

    Oct 23, 2005
    Endorsing Artist: MTD Basses, Genzler Amplification, GHS Strings, Tsunami Cables, Sonic Nuance Electronics Contributing Reviewer: Bass Gear Magazine
    Yeah, I'm definitely gonna go along with the suggestion to get a "real" Warwick. With Warwicks, go used and real, over new and crappy. And yeah, I may get flamed for it, but I do think their intro line is kinda crappy. And the bolt ons seem to have much thicker necks, or maybe that's just me, but they just don't feel right. Maybe for the sound or style you're looking for, you might wanna consider something else in that price range. While a good amount of very decent instruments can be had for under 1k, if you really want the boutique vibe, a used instrument in good shape can be almost better; at least you know it's not gonna develop any gnarly neck problems or anything. I've got a Streamer Stage II 5 string that I've had for 6 years and absolutely love, but it's got a neck S-curve issue. I bought it new, and I don't think that particular aspect of the instrument was prevalent back then. A used one that age might've shown those tendencies, or the lack thereof, and might allow you to make a more informed purchase. Anyway, good luck!
  9. dadodetres


    Dec 19, 2004
    Rockbasses arent bad basses, they are just standard sounding , warwick looking.

    If you want a warwick i assume you want warking sounding, warwick looking.

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