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A Question Concerning Drummers...

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by millsbass5, Oct 24, 2013.

  1. Okay, this isn't one of your more common subjects approached on this forum, but, here goes....... :D

    As the title states, this concerns the drummers in our bands. Past, or present. And, believe it, or not, this is actually a serious question.

    Has anyone here ever had the experience of playing with a drummer that's high some type of stimulate, especially cocaine? You know the kind. The drummer that rushes the tempo so much, that you're wondering if they're trying to finish the songs quick enough, so that they can make it home to put out the fire that's apparently burning their home to the ground? Now, when I first started gigging in the early 80's, coke was spilling over from the disco-era, and, still a very prominent drug on the scene. And , especially in the clubs/bars. Club owners, and hell, even the local drug dealers would practically throw the stuff onstage. By the gram!
    Now, I'm no angel, I will admit. I tried the stuff 2, maybe 3 times in my lifetime. And, I'm fortunate enough to say, it just wasn't my thing, plain n' simple. Back in the day, you know, before drug screens were so prevalent in the workplace, my bag was more of the natural, uhh, herbal approach..... You know, the "devil's weed". :rollno: Which, I'm very happy to say, will/should be legalized :hyper: across this fine land of ours. But, until then, no partaking of "the sacred herb" for me, due to my job.....:meh:

    The clip below is an absolute prime example of what band members have to experience when in that type of situation:

    For the lazy, just skip to 11:00 minute mark in the link below. And, it's also funny to mention, it's my all-time favorite group. So, go figure.

    Lol. Ol' Pete was absolutely cookin' on this tune. He must've tooted himself a big 'ol' rail before he hit the stage. Whatta guy! Hmm, I wonder what was running through Gene's mind at the time?
  2. Bert Slide

    Bert Slide

    May 16, 2012
    Louisville KY
    I played with a drummer for a while about ten years ago who was like that. He was also one of the nicest guys I've ever been in a band with and we got along great so I managed to forgive him for the occassional surges in tempo and he would correct quickly when I gave him cues. At that time he was just starting to learn bass. He's now playing upright bass and fronting a rockabilly band and also playing electric bass in a surf/garage band. We live on opposite sides of the country now so I don't see him personally anymore to know about any current drug use but his timing on bass in his band videos is very good. Maybe he just had to find his calling.

  3. I've played with a couple. The vast majority of 'em was when I happened to sit-in on a few songs with other bands at gigs. Hell, I've played with a couple of drummers that can make a ballad sound like a Motorhead tune.

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