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  1. Hi, as per the title you have probably already guessed that I do not play Double Bass, however, I have a question regarding gut strings, which I figured I would get a better response from the DB side of TB.

    Anyway, I am very intrigued by wound-gut strings, which are typically used on DB and a handful of other instruments of that sort, but what I haven’t found is someone using them on an Electric Bass. Now, I know that some wound-gut strings are Nickel or even Silver (to my knowledge) in their windings which would work for Electric Bass. So, with all of this being said, would I be able to somehow transfer the strings used on DB to EB? What I am worried about is having to cut far below the silk/taper on the strings, which would cause an unwinding of the string. Additionally, I dont know if the tension would be correct for EB, I certainly dont want to deal with any funky neck-warpage on my instrument.

    I have attempted to look into “short-scale” double bass strings, but to no avail, I’m not even sure if an instrument of that sort would exist.

    And yes, I am aware of the significant price difference in EB strings and DB strings.

    Any and all information is welcome!
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  3. I will most certainly look into those strings, My main bass is fully electric, my acoustic bass has a piezo though. Do you know if they make a Nickel wound variation of those?
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  5. Thank you! I had seen some talk about TI strings on the Double bass side of TB and I would say they are as equally as popular on the Electric bass side as well, I havent tried them though, dont exactly have then funds for that at the moment, I was not aware they made Nickel wound flats though. :thumbsup:
  6. The windings alone might not have enough material to get a good signal out of a magnetic pickup. The volume might also differ a lot across the strings.

    I installed a piezo disk below the bridge of my EBG, no impedance buffer yet, but is recommended, and wired it in parallel to the output. No final solution, but something to try cheap.

    Gut strings are to thick and have no ball end. They could not be mounted on an EBG. Thomastik Flatwounds and Spirocore are very different in construction. The larger vibration of a DB string won‘t work on an EBG.
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  7. In all honesty, I don't think you'll be able to adapt upright strings for a BG. The design and engineering of DB strings is very different, partially due to the difference in string length (mensur). That being said, any wound gut/synthetic strings aren't going to work with a magnetic pick up. As DoubleMIDI suggested, they don't contain enough metal to create a reliable or consistent sound. Some upright players use magnetic pick ups but have to be careful about what strings they use for this exact reason. If you want to use a gut/synthetic string, your best bet is to get an acoustic BG that has a piezo pick up installed.
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    EBG player jumping in to ask: might 1/4 bass strings work for the O.P.?
  9. The problem is diameter but even more the ball end. The large ball won’t fit and EBG strings taper towards the ball a lot, but DB strings have a large silk wrapped underlength (windings spread there underneath over 4 to 10 inches) that does not exist for a BG. Incompatible.

    Theoretically it would be possible to make Spiros for BG, but only by the manufacturer and I might have overseen something that makes it impossible.
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    Just get tape wounds.
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