A question on power handling

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    reel big bassist

    Mar 27, 2000
    A question on power handling.
    If I have 4 speakers, and each has a rms rating of 100 watts, and I
    wire them in paralell does that mean the cabinet can handle 400 watts

    Greg P
  2. True.

    But, if you connect 4 speakers in parallel, the total impedance will be 1/4 of the impedance of 1 speaker. The amp must be able to handle that. If you have 4 8 ohms speakers, the total impedance will be 2 ohms. Not every amp can handle that (loosely, a rule of thumb: 400 W and up amps not older than 5 years usually can). It should be in the manual or on the backside of the amp. If it says 4 ohms minimal, you can only connect 2 8 ohms loads.