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a quick look @ a Peavey system for me...

Discussion in 'Live Sound [BG]' started by mello_bedwetter, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. I'm looking to get a new powered mixer and wondered if this might be ok. All it will be used for is vocals. It's a Peavey "package". One other question...I have a pair of Behringer VS1520 speakers also. Would they be under-powered for this system? I have a feeling the answer is yes. They would be used as stage monitors. We play older country music like Haggard, Hank Jr., Waylon...etc. We play at smaller places so we don't play at high volumes. Right now we've been using a Phonic 740 powered mixer for practice and also for a couple little gigs which is only 220w per channel or side.(cheapo but it works). That was plenty as for as volume. I just thought the Peavey may have better sound quality. We're all new to this "PA" stuff. Any help is appreciated.
    The 1st link is the Peavey package and the second is the Behringer speakers. Thanks.

  2. I'd buy used USA Peavey for a combo mixer.--- but then again i'm a nut.
  3. Dantreige


    Oct 22, 2009
    Would it work for your situatiion? Yes.

    Would it sound better then what you have? Probably.

    Is it the right one for you? Only you can say.

    If this is all you think you will ever need for your gigs and you do not plan to upgrade down the line I'd say buy it and go have some fun.

    If you think that you will need a larger system in the near future, I'd spend some time doing a lot more research into "how to run sound."

    The system you picked is going to be O.K. for vocals in small venues with low volumes. Since you are a country band and you will most likely not need to mic the drums and instruments, it may be all you will ever need.

    For $1100 you can get a few "pro" grade items that will upgrade well in the future.

    I can give you better advice if I know your whole situation. Number of band members, vocalist, stage monitor needs, # instrument mics, venue size, etc.
  4. Our group consists of 4 guys, aging from 50 -53...not real young, lol. Two guitar players who both sing so 2 mics for vocals. I play bass and we have a drummer. All we're going to do is play at places such as VFW Halls, American Legion Halls, a small place in town called the Jamboree which seats about 75 at the most. Other than that maybe small parties or jam sessions. All we plan on using the system for is vocals. I'm planning on using two 15's for the mains and two 15's for stage monitors. I didn't know if the Behringers(as stage monitors) I mentioned would be suitable for this system or not. I know they are rated lower than the Peavey speakers and the mixer. I couldn't see us ever turning the volume to maybe half. We used the Phonic powered mixer to play classic rock...pretty loud actually and the vocals came through fine using the Behringers as mains and two 12' Phonic speakers as monitors. The mixer was at about 2 o'clock and the volume on the mic channels was around 2 o'clock also. I appreciate your help...thnx.
  5. Pat C.

    Pat C. Supporting Member

    Jan 1, 2005
    Tuscaloosa, Alabama
    If what you have suits your needs I wouldn't recommend spending $1100+ on a new system such as this one. That Peavey system is not likely to have a much higher sound quality than what you've got. All of the components you've listed are more "value-oriented", which is fine. But it would be a lateral move, IMO, to get the Peavey system to supplement your current systems, especially since you've already got mains, monitors and all the power you seem to need.

    The next step up in a PA would be to move to a system that at could amplify the whole band: 12 to 16+ channel mixer, higher output/quality main speakers plus subwoofers, mics for all instruments, crossover, processing, etc. That would be quite an expense ($5k+?) for little return, considering the gigs you've got.

    Just to note, you should realize that the relative position of the channel and master knobs may or may not indicate their proximity to maximum output. Without knowing what metering your components have (I suspect very little) and the quality of the screenprinting it's all guesswork in trying to figure out how "much" of the system's capabilities you are utilizing. Regardless, it sounds like the gear you've got suits your needs, run with that.
  6. Thanks Pat C...
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