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A quick question about Ampeg

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by ergodynebass, Feb 1, 2001.

  1. I am thinking about buying a new bass combo amp to move up from my Crate BX-80. I was looking at the Ampeg B2 and B3 combos, I loved the sound and I really want an Ampeg. Does anyone own one of these or could tell me if this would be a good step up from the Crate because the Crate is lacking in high's, it sounds like crap when trying to slap or pop a bass.

    Thanks in advance
  2. Luis Fabara

    Luis Fabara

    Aug 13, 2000
    Ecuador (South America)
    Audio Pro - Ecuador
  3. No, I played a BA115, it was alright but I'm looking for something with a little more wattage, maybe in the 120-150w range or so. I don't think that the BA115 was that loud enough or powerful as I would like in my next step up.
  4. camerondye


    Nov 7, 2000
    Stop wasting your time and your money going up gradually, take a big step(if you're a serious bass player) and get at least a 250-300 watt setup. If you are positive you want ampeg, look at what they have and save a little longer and get something that will be with you more than a year. Also, from what I hear, you should check out Mesa-Boogie. They make nice tube amps also. I went to Harmonycentral.com classifieds and found this ampeg head really quick for you..

    Ampeg B3 Bass Head

    Asking Price: US$250
    Condition: Excellent
    Age: 2 years

    Ampeg B3 Bass Head - solid state; 9 band EQ; effects loop; 2
    channel switching; rated at 500 watts; 2 speaker outs; balanced
    XLR output; -20 db pad switch; solid performer for gigging. E-mail
    me for pics.

    $250.00 (US). Buyer pays shipping. No CODs.

    Also selling late 70s/early 80s Kustom 2x15 cabinet. In good
    condition. $150 takes it. Would like to sell within 100 mile radius of
    Appleton, WI so I don't have to ship it.

    Seller: Rob Marnocha,
    E-mail: rsmarno@execpc.com (Profile)
    Location: APPLETON, WI
    Post Date: 1/21/2001

    Look around for some used ampeg heads and look around for a used cabinet that you like. You will be happier in the long run if you take the time now and do it right...


    [Edited by camerondye on 02-02-2001 at 10:02 AM]
  5. Well see, I really want to be a bass player, because I can play fairly well, but I just don't have much time to practice off of College corses and work. I just need something right now that has descent high's and low's and something that I can actually fit in my house (thus the reason I want a combo amp not a stack).

    Anyways, Thanks for all the suggestions, I think I'll go to some places this weekend and try out there stuff. I know of one vendor that sells some Mesa-boogie so I'll check it out.

  6. Even if u did get a 150 watt practice amp, the sound/volume difference probably wouldnt be noticable. see joris's tech question thread about that:


    So, i would have to agree with camerondye, about the used ampeg stack idea, or if u are really against a stack, try for a carvin cyclops combo (1x15", 2x8" 600w).. which is large too, or the RCT 2x10"(600w too), and i have never heard the ampeg combos you listed. good luck finding a new amp!
  7. virtual.ray


    Oct 25, 2000
    I was playing on a used B2 2 days ago in a shop and was liking the sound.Lots of highs and lows.So when I got home I looked it up at Ampeg's site and it says that the B2 has no tweeter.I'm like,Huh? So I email Ampeg and they got right back to me telling me not to believe everything I read on the web,the B2 does indeed have a tweeter.So I just might go for it 'cause I can get it for $350+tax. BTW,if you plug a 2nd 8 ohm cab into the B2 it goes up to 350w output.Yum.
  8. Luis Fabara

    Luis Fabara

    Aug 13, 2000
    Ecuador (South America)
    Audio Pro - Ecuador
    Ampeg has one of the most DE-INFORMATIVE websites I have ever seen.
    They put wrong the specs..
    The same applies to their Catalogs..

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