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A quick review of a few items in case you're interested

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by TheRigere, Mar 30, 2015.

  1. TheRigere


    Dec 17, 2005
    Central Florida
    Ok so testing is done..

    Sansamp bass driver? The bomb..love it. Wish I had tried this years ago.love the grit and clarity of the string. Helps cut beautifully.

    Mxr phase 90? Fine, serves purpose...like its smoothness at 9 o'clock...the faster settings might be cool with the POG2..

    Speaking of POG2? Pretty cool..gotta dig in with it more. Makes really cool organ type sounds and organ shimmery overtones which could be fun..does the royal blood guitar thing great...need to keep fiddling to test twelve string effect type thing...

    New digitech Drop.. Works flawlessly. Transparent and no latency... Makes me want to play four string and learn all those songs in the correct position and still only need one bass at a gig...awesome for guitar

    Bass wah? Cool... Fun, maybe...going away. Really not needed for me...

    The big disappointment? The nicely reviewed Pigtronix Philosopher bass compressor.. Tried it at the end of the line first..horrible...moved it to front and it was better but while you could get a wide range of compression and great sustain, I found it sucked the high end out big time...pretty much erased all the beauty of the sansamp... Even at the most minimal of compression it was better but rendered it basically useless to do what it's supposed to, so that's getting returned. I'm very used to playing with compression for smooth levels, so I will try another one... Hopefully that doesn't color or remove tone like this one.. I could see this being a great comp if your a straight jazzer but you be clicking it off in your solos for sure.

    Thanks for listening

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