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a qustion about shuker basses

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by wotnwhy, Mar 4, 2002.

  1. i have 400 u.k pounds ($550ish) to buy a new bass

    problem is i have been looking on the shuker bass web site and LOVE the look off thier basses, the only problem is thier cheapest 5-strings are 600 pounds which is way over my budget

    i am not by any means rich (my mum was shocked at the thought of a bass for 400 pounds). in fact, i have to sell the bass i have at the moment to bring the budget up to 400 and it would take me a long time to save up the extra money for a shuker, by which time the guy who wants to buy my bass may have changed his mind

    so my question is:

    1) do i stick to my budget and by a bass in the 400 pound region

    2) or do i try to save up the extra money and risk having to save an extra 100 because the guy decides not to buy my bass, but in the end have this gorgious bass that everyone will be jelous of

    also do any of u know how good these basses are, i've heard a lot of good things about the but do any of u know whot they sound like, are they light and punchy sounding or low and bassie. The ones i'm looking at are the bolt on standard and the jazz standard

    thanx 4 any help


  2. hey, nice basses are nice, they make you feel nice and people say' ohhhh thats a nice bass'.

    but will it may you a better player??

    If you want the shuker, can wait long enough to buy it, then do so.If its what you want, what you really want, then no one can change your mind.

    However if you think you can get a good deal on a used bass or a cheaper new bass and you think it'll do the job, then buy it.

    From your earlier post you seem to be eager to buy a new bass and i think that saving for the shuker will only hurt you (mentally).

    Don't think that you have to have a bass that makes people jealous.

    If the guy playing it sucks, its like writing a sonet with an empty biro :) (bear with me)

  3. i don't want the bass to make people jelous, that would just be a bonus :D

    true though, the first thing that made me want a shuker was the look, but i wouldn't buy it just on looks, it's just that i've heard quite a few good things about them, and the fact that thier so cheap considering thier hand built, and the fact that thier from the u.k. made me fancy one and i was thinking about finding somewhere that has them and trying them out, but then i thaught that i may as well ask all of you your opinions just in case the hype i had heard was wrong and thier a pile of pants, which would save me the trip.

    and i'm not buying it in the hope of making myself better, it's just that i need a new bass and i thought buying a more expensive, better quality, better built instrument would be better than buying a cheaper not so good bass because it would last me longer and work out cheaper in the long run

    thats about it really


  4. hujo


    Apr 18, 2001
    Stockholm, Sweden
    There is this guy, I think he's called BaseGuitar or something like that, that ordered a J-bass 5 string a while ago. I don't know if he has it by now, but he had tried out some basses at Jon's shop anyway. There was a thread about this a while ago.. There was also this guy, that had bought a used Shuker, and asked Dann Glenn if he knew anything about them. If Dann hadn't removed his forum :)mad: ) you could look him up and PM him. That's all I can help you with, for now. When I get my Shuker I'll let you all know how it works.
  5. when do you get the bass??
  6. hujo


    Apr 18, 2001
    Stockholm, Sweden
    6 to 8 weeks after i order it, which might take a while, since I'm still collecting cash. I'm halfway there now, but the gigs are paying better this year, and so is my bartender job, it might not take THAT long after all.
  7. did you try the bass out first or are u buying on a hunch?
  8. hujo


    Apr 18, 2001
    Stockholm, Sweden
    buying on a hunch, actually. But i can estimate how it will sound, (or atleast that's what i tell myself) and feel. I'm having the neck shaped like a status, and with a swamp ash body and emg pickups, i can sort of take the sound of basses with emg's i've played and match it with the swamp ash basses i've played in my head. I'm having EMG's new twin pickups put in it, that are switchable from J-style, to the CS model. It'll be sweet.

    About your problem. £200 can be troublesome to save up, if you don't have an income. What other basses have you looked at?
  9. i've been thinking hard, and have decided that 200 more really is too much,

    i've been sarching the net non-stop to see if i can find anyting.

    i have found one thing :rolleyes:
    it's a dean edge six string (oh, BTW i've decided to look for a 6-string and if i can't find one i'll look for a 5) it looks pretty sweet and costs 429 (converted from a U.S price listing). do u know thats an accurate price for one in the U.k?

    my bass teacher said that the deans he's played aren't all that great. but a few people here have recomended them

    any suggestions



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