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A Salute to the SVT5!

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by DryWater'Bass, Jan 10, 2004.

  1. Well...today I fell in love with three thing....at GC of all places...A Burnt Orange Musicman Stingray(3 band EQ) with a pearlloid pickguard and Rosewood fretboard.Played through an Ampeg SVT-5PRO and an Ampeg 6x10....and IT WAS PUMPIN, I could do funky and pumpin, groovin and grindin jazzy and everything in between.The thing was awesome combined, clean or OD the octave was ane awesome addition...This is the first Ampeg I've played through I could find any tone I wanted, the SVT 4 was nice, but it didn't do everything.This amp is awesome...So I salute all of you SVT5 Owners!

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  2. I also have one of these, I first realised Ampeg had the sound I wanted after trying several different makes at a local store, I had the money in my hand to buy trace Elliot but thought I'd just try the svt3 sitting next to it, well I was blown away by its tone. From there I upgraded to an SVT CL. After defecting and having a very unhappy period using Markbass and Aguilar I returned to Ampeg with the SVT5, I was so happy to have that sound again, I hook it up to an 810 Heritage and can't imagine ever wanting to change it.

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