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A short Review of some online Bass resources

Discussion in 'Technique [BG]' started by diverse379, Apr 12, 2015.

  1. diverse379


    Mar 4, 2015
    I am going to attempt to review a few of the online resources for Bass as well as some other instruments which you may be interested

    First lets talk about Bass
    the four resources I will briefly write about are
    Adam Nitti online course
    Scott's Bass course
    Nathan East bass course from Artist Institute
    for other instruments
    Drumeo for drums
    GMTC for Gospel musicians.

    Scotts Bass course
    I found the amount of content on Scotts Bass course to be more than adequate
    with a little of everything.
    if you are disciplined and no how to self evaluate your needs
    you can probably get a lot out of this course.

    Scott has a real passion for teaching and it comes through in his lessons.
    I am not sure what sort of player he is. but his lessons seem to break through the muck and mire
    and get right to the essence of playing.
    for example he gave a lesson which breaks down a Jaco esque solo
    it was really good and by the time it was over I could do a pretty good JAco imitation.

    another lesson outlined how to play a solo using the pentatonic scale. it was so smooth and easy I was
    able to immediately create a few nice tracks where I applied this concept to a solo.
    the only downside if this is even a downside
    is that the material is not organized in a way to guide you to self mastery
    there is enough of most of the things you need to get you to a higher level.
    But will you be able to pace yourself through the material.
    A caveat to his course is he will review your videos that you send in of your playing
    and give critique/
    three out of five stars a Solid course with much to offer.

    Nathan East Artist institute
    I found the content to be good but I was not impressed with the
    teaching style. Each teacher tends to teach to his learning style
    and every student gravitates toward a teacher who teaches according to that
    student's learning style. So I am not Saying Nathan east is not a good teacher.
    I am saying his teaching style did not match my learning style.
    that being said. Nathan brings in lots of other players and guest teachers
    which is awesome. further he invites you to send in videos to critique
    and Moreover his course is very very organized. So that you can follow the outline
    with a confidence that what you are learning is going to thoroughly prepare you.
    Also worth noting artist institture also has John PAttituchi teaching double bass,
    Four out of five stars a thorough course with great content. and organization

    Adam nitti
    Adam Nitti is a great all around player who has a real passion for teaching.
    Like Scott his love of teaching comes through. Adam tends to be a little wordy
    but I like this it is how I tend to think I am an analytical thinker.
    Adam can then quickly transpose to lets play this or play that
    and it prevents you from staying in your left brain you have to quickly
    go to right brain mode which is awesome.
    What I love most about his course is that it is separated not only by
    level Beginner, intermediate, and advanced
    but also by what you need
    technique , theory. groove, ear training, reading etc
    this is what you learn in college conservatory
    I feel his course is priced right but if you want the one on one video
    critique you pay nearly double.
    pound for pound this is the best course in this reviewers opinion.
    five out of five stars. for a phenomenal teacher with a very organized course.

    if you want to play drums man look no further
    Drumeo has so much content it is ridiculous and the crazy thing is they add a lesson Every Day
    EVEry Day
    Every Day
    they have every genre represented and some very very talented drummers
    as an occasional drummer I periodically visit this course and brush up on my chops.
    there is so much information on this site it is almost a shame.
    five out of five stars

    true fire.
    they have recently added some great bass videos on this site
    I like truefire because they have so many genres of music represented
    and tons of videos mostly guitar. but a respectable bass section.
    the teaching varies from mediocre to great.
    the latest bass offerings are certainly worth the 14.00 to check out.
    I dont view this as a course but more a site to check out instructional videos
    there are so many videos it is hard to stay with just one
    which makes consistently processing and mastering the material difficult
    However, if you stick around a year later you will realize you have learned a ton of information.
    four out of five stars content galore. every genre and musical concept you need in one sight

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    and are not indicative of any position by the moderators and administrators of Talkbass.com
  2. Engine207

    Engine207 Losing faith in humanity...one call at a time.

    Jul 10, 2008
    Higley, AZ
    I did the Basslines 101 course by TBer Paul Wolfe. I thought it did a great job of teaching how to use some basic knowledge of the fretboard and theory to enable the student to build their own lines on the fly, in a jam setting.

    I joined a cover band shortly after, and had very little trouble coming up with what to play in a given situation, without having the exact sheet music or tabs.

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