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A sign the apocalypse is upon us...

Discussion in 'Recordings [BG]' started by NewWaveBasser, Jun 9, 2002.

  1. ...Britney Spears does Joan Jett's "I Love Rock'N'Roll"...


    What next? "Christina Aguilera sings The Ramones" LP??????
  2. melvin


    Apr 28, 2001
    That came out in the US sometime ago, she sang it in some movie.
  3. Oysterman


    Mar 30, 2000
    Bring forth the barfbags!
  4. JMX

    JMX Vorsprung durch Technik

    Sep 4, 2000
    Cologne, Germany
    I thought she was a "no sex before marriage" type of girl... ;) :D
  5. jazzbo


    Aug 25, 2000
    San Francisco, CA
    Moved to RECORDINGS
  6. LiquidMidnight


    Dec 25, 2000
    What's even sadder than her ruining a great Stones song, is now she has her own Playstation II game. :( :rolleyes:
  7. I am tempted to say ROCK ON! But I'd hate to hear Christina try and sound like Joey. Shakira would be better. Maybe Christina should sing the entire catalogue of Los Crudos, now I would pay money to see THAT! (not much money though)

    And the Spice Girls (remember them?) had a playstation game too, my sister got it. It was pretty crappy, I'd say about half an hour of playing the game before you beat it. And the most fun is during the character selection.
  8. kirbywrx

    kirbywrx formerly James Hetfield

    Jul 27, 2000
    Melbourne, Australia.
    With Britneys song, isnt it funny how every close up in the film clip is of her belly button, and the guitars a so quiet...:mad:
  9. Nick man

    Nick man

    Apr 7, 2002
    Tampa Bay
    Ive never been able to get a guitarist to turn down!

    I wonder how she managed to do that?;)

    Okay! Time to get my mind out of the gutter!

  10. JimK


    Dec 12, 1999
    Overheard some friends sayin' this about Brittney doing "I Love Rock 'N Roll"-

    When asked why she did that tune, Brittney said-
    'I like Pat Benatar'(or sumthin like that).

    Which reminds me of when Faith Hill covered "Piece Of My Heart". She was asked how she thought her version compared to the original by Janis Joplin...Faith said she had never heard the original(or sumthin like that).

    Ignorance is bliss.
  11. ZuluFunk

    ZuluFunk Not Impressed By Those Who Flaunt “Authority” Supporting Member

    Apr 14, 2001
    I reckon equating Joan Jett with the Ramones is just as bad as equating Brittany Spears with Joan Jett.
  12. Dave Castelo

    Dave Castelo

    Apr 19, 2000
    Shakira did "dude looks like a lady" quite nice...
  13. Hategear

    Hategear Workin' hard at hardly workin'.

    Apr 6, 2001
    Appleton, Swissconsin
    Britney sang "I Love Rock 'n' Roll" for her movie Crossroads. It was during the karaoke scene, which ended with Britney and her two friends flashing their boobs at the crowd. That footage was cut from the movie. :(

    I think it's cute when my two young daughters argue with me about who actually did "Rock 'n' Roll" first -- Brit or Joan (I know The Arrows did it first, but Joan made it famous).

    FYI, Britney covered "Satisfaction" on her last release, but Samantha Fox beat her to the punch and covered it way back in the day! Where is my Sam Fox cassette?
  14. Shakira and Christine Aguilera look very similar. I don't think they've ever been seen together.

    Do you think it's possible that...? :confused:

    Mike J.
  15. JimK


    Dec 12, 1999
    The first time I stumbled upon a Shakira video, I thought, "Wow, has Christina Aguilera grown up quick"!

    Upon further review-
    Shakira is more 'mature'(in a good way)...plus she can Rock & knows something about Rock/Pop history.
    She's got some balls, too.
    (That's a compliment). ;)
  16. I know Zulu... I know...

    It's just that songs I love are getting butchered by kids who don't know about what songs they're covering (or re-covering as in "I Love Rock'N'Roll") I mean, Pat Benatar did "I Love Rock´N'Roll"???? Britney... let me school ya on 80s tunes, OK???

    I do like "Kids In America" by Kim Wilde. While a pop song, it had energy plus a piercing though simple bassline. Now some little girls called No Secrets come up with this deficient version. Aaaaarrghh!!!

    Don't be surprised if other classics get destroyed by money-hungry record execs looking for the big dinero...

    ...and Ramones' songs are not exempt from the carnage...
  17. Jarrod


    Jan 1, 2002
    Los Angeles, CA
    she also plays guitar, and i believe was somewhat of a "serious artist" in colombia a few years before becoming a pop fluff teen queen in the US
  18. JimK


    Dec 12, 1999

    Charo also played guitar(& was a pretty decent player) until she became, well, you know... ;)
  19. XavierG

    XavierG In Memoriam

    Actually, she is STILL a very good guitarist. I am a big fan of Charo (the guitarist) and have a few of her CD's in my arsenal.
  20. supergreg


    Jan 20, 2002
    I actually like Shakira. She has a great voice and is a good guitar player. Plus she likes Led Zepplin ;)

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