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  1. Ok, I've tried not to make this thread a "which brand is better"-thread, but it turned out that way anyhow! :rolleyes:

    I've tried alot of strings lately, and it's getting VERY expensive! (a set of DR's can easily cost you $50,- where I live). I really like the Slowounds, they almost give me the full fat sound of Blood Sugar Sex Magik by youknowwho, but I would like them to have just a little more BITE and that funky bottom of the Lo-riders, which in turn misses out on the mids. I'm wondering how the does the Hi-beams fit in here? I know about the highs, but how about the mids? Is it easier to make it growl due to the lower tension compared to the lo-riders? Is there a string out there which will give me the full body of the Slowounds AND the bite of DR strings?

    I play mostly fingerstyle (nobody wants to hear slap these days! ...and the lo-riders allready won that category!). Soundwise I think the top is BSSM and the Marcus Miller sound... - is that too much to ask of a string?
    My gear is a StingRay5 and SWR bass750 + 2xGoliathIII

    Any input would be much apreciated - thank you sir! :cool:
  2. CS


    Dec 11, 1999
    I wont answer your specific question but you do get a bump.

    Ive used Elites on my SR5 for 4 years now. When the shop stopped stocking them I went to Rotosounds (BIG mistake). I recently fitted some Ernie Balls and they are excellent. THey really suit the Stingray. BTW I fitted some to my Warwick fretless and I don't like them as much, too bright. I'll just have to wait a bit.

    Hope this helps, anyway you got a bump and something to read until someone else comes along.
  3. Thanks for the bump! and please tell me about the Elites. They've been an outsider for a long time, but I've never tried them.
  4. CS


    Dec 11, 1999
    They are very bright and retain the zingyness for some time. They are more consistant than Rotosound I once had a whole set of dead strings. I think bass central stock Elites (as they gave me a free set) if you do US mail order. Although I think the Basscentre in London may be an option.
  5. Hey Chris, CS whatever you liked to be called, the elites you mentioned do they come in a blue and yellow pack
  6. Thanx a lot, there the ones i get i didnt realise they were that highly acclaimed