A string keeps popping out of nut

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    I have an 08 Fender P bass with some dadario xl flats on them. I never had this problem till recently but my A string pops out of is nut slot sometimes during songs and I pop out back in while i continue playing but i don't understand why it started doing this. I don't think i have changed my finger attack as i usually am pretty light on my touch. I was thinking of changing the strings to ghs precision flats but wondering if its the nut. Has this ever happened to you and what was it? Strings, nut, or attack?
  2. Could be the way the strings are wound onto the tuners.
  3. 96tbird

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    Once you have determined you have enough break angle from the nut down to the tuner (the string should come off the A tuner as low as possible to the deck) you'll know its the nut.

    Changing string brands won't help but a new A may be in order if you have cut the present one too short that it doesn't have enough winds on the tuner to force it down at a sufficient angle from the nut.

    Any nut should be able to take an attack that causes the open string to slap on the frets without pulling loose of the nut.

    If string break angle is good, make sire to bend the string over the nut by pressing thumbs down on it on both sides of the nut at the same time. There should be no arc, just a clean defined angle in the string.

    If the string has any room to slop side to side in its nut slot you will need a new nut. If the slot isn't deep enough to hold the string in place but can't be cut deeper without danger of buzz: new nut.

    If the slot isn't wide enough that the string isn't seated on the bottom; the nut slot needs work and may still be ok.

    There's the logic behind your questions. It's likely the nut but there are a few variables to look at first. Take it to a good set up man and discuss your issues and learn from him.
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    Make sure the strings are wound so they end as far DOWN the tuner post as possible. This makes the "break angle" over the nut as sharp as possible. If it keeps up, either your string is too large in diameter for the nut slot, or you ahve a problem with the nut.
  5. I agree with the break angle thing; especially on the A string, shallow break angle can cause a couple of problems.

    But I'd be more concerned about the nut slot depth. Even a string with a shallow break angle shouldn't pop out of the slot if the nut is cut properly. The entire nut may not have enough material surrounding the strings, even though the nut is cut to proper depth relative to the first fret. If there is not enough nut material for the string to seat in, it will pop out.
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    it's all about having extra windings on the A with fender basses.

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