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A tale of contrasts

Discussion in 'Bass Humor & Gig Stories [BG]' started by vegaas, Apr 3, 2004.

  1. vegaas


    Nov 6, 2001
    What a difference from one show to the next. For those that read my previous post about how bad our last gig was, well, last nights gig was the polar opposite. It wasnt our best gig ever, but, it went very well. This is surprising because of the fact that we do not have a singer.
    If you remember from my post titled "A bad weekend for me and my band" we had a horrible gig two weeks ago, there was a terrible vibe on stage, and then our singer quit the next day, even though we had another booked gig in less than two weeks.
    Well, we found another band to play part of the night for us for the next gig, but we couldnt find another band for the rest of the night, so we decided to play, sans a lead singer. Our guitar player said he would sing.
    It went well, our guitar player is definilty not a great singer, but he pulled it off. The biggest difference however, was the feeling on stage. We just had a blast. There was absolutly no tension on stage. It was a great feeling. Talking to people afterwards. They said they could definilty feel a different vibe coming from us on stage. It was unbelievable how not having our egotistical singer up there made it a much more freeing experience.
    Whats the morale of the story? Its actually something I think we all know, but are reluctant to act on. No matter how talented someone is, if they are taking the fun away from playing, then get rid of them. Your band will be much better off for it.

    P.S. I met a TB'er at the show last night! :) Golden Boy, thanks for coming, and I wish I would of had more time to talk. I got called away by someone, then the next thing I knew we had to start. After the show, I wanted to talk to you, but I couldnt find you in the crowd. :meh: Let me know when you are playing, or even if you are going to check out a band, I'll meet you there and buy you a beer. :cool:
  2. You guys did look like you were having fun, and yes, prima donnas can suck all the fun out of making rock. It really showed you guys were enjoying what you were doing, and no one really seemed to mind that your "singer" isn't really a singer, everyone seemed to know what was going on. By the way, I was waiting for your guitarist to say "Stop staring at my D cup" in the Donnas' song- he just had to change it, didn't he? :D

    Sorry I had to leave early.

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