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    Sep 20, 2011
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    i fell in love with the sound of the MiM mustangs, and i love a rosewood fingerboard. they look great! so a ways back, when they discontinued the rosewood boards, i ordered a red one with a rosewood board. before it even got here, someone here on TB posted their new seafoam green mustang, and i thought "wow, that looks AWESOME!"

    it possibly wasn't a good sign considering the red bass was on the way.

    so the bass gets here. it sounds great. but my right shoulder hurts within 5 minutes of starting to play it, and i'm talking about sitting down as i can't play anything over 5 pounds standing. so i try and play it periodically. it aches deep inside the joint where i had a torn rotator cuff and still have scar tissue.

    i continue doing the exercises my physical therapist gave me for my shoulders, but i still can't play the mustang. finally i buy a set of mustang pickups and a bass to put them in, and my husband routes out the bass for the puickups. the pickups arrive and they're really messed up. i return them, but i already sold the mustang. so now i have a bass i only got because it was more comfortable spot for mustang pickups but have no pickups and no mustang.

    so i order another set of pickups. these are less messed up, but they have some kind of issue, which we only find out later.

    in the meantime, the PT is paying off. i get a bronco and i can play it for an hour or more without pain. after this continues for a while, i start thinking about a seafoam green mustang.

    sweetwater has a scratch and dent with a very dark fingerboard that looks great, and it's only 7 pounds 3 oz. the price isn't as good as i felt it should be, but sweetwater was willing to go down a little, but i wait a few hours to decide. at 5 am, i go to order it and it's already been sold. i double check with our sales rep, and he confirms it's gone. this was maybe 2 weeks ago-ish.

    yesterday i get an email from the sweetwater rep - they have several seafoam green mustangs, and would i be interested in the lightest weight one. well, i don't love the fingerboard, but otherwise it's what i wanted. my husband tips the scale, and he's not wrong - i love the sound of every MiM mustang i've played, and i wait no minutes before emailing ben stokes and asking him to send it. it's on the way, due to arrive on tuesday according to UPS, and here's a pic of that very bass from sweetwater -

  2. Weight and shoulder issues seem to be discounted by many on here, but they're a real issue for some of us. I had an Allen Woody Rumblekat that sounded great! But it was heavy with the worst neck dive of any bass I've ever owned and it just seemed to hang "off center" so I was continually pulling and lifting with my left hand while playing. So that's gone.

    Sweet Mustang, I've always had good luck with Sweetwater, nice that you got what you wanted. My only GAS is for a Mustang to go with my Musicmasters, but I'm jazzing for the Capri Orange one. :smug:

    Enjoy your new addition!
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    Sep 20, 2011
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    you're very right. and also the fact that once you have it, it doesn't just go away. i've been dealing with issues with my right shoulder for over ten years and my left for ten.

    ah, neck dive. what a pain in the butt! my worst was a schecter AB1+ - i don't miss it at all.

    yeah, the orange one is also really sweet :)
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    That’s a sweet looking Fender. Those PJ Mustangs are some of their best offerings. I’ve liked everyone I’ve ever picked up to play.
    Hope this one works out for you and turns out to be a keeper.
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