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A Thoughtful Email....

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by Joe Nerve, Sep 28, 2004.

  1. Joe Nerve

    Joe Nerve Supporting Member

    Oct 7, 2000
    New York City
    Endorsing artist: Musicman basses
    I thought I'd post a letter from an aquaintance of The Nerve! that I thought was really cool. I'm leaving in all the self serving, nice things he said about how freaking great we are :) - but the main point is in the second half.

    Hey guys,

    I'm Rock, Ad's friend, I saw u Randy playin' on the train - I thought it was pretty cool.
    Always keep me posted, & I will keep u posted about shows as well. Keep Rockin' fellas, u got what it takes,

    This here is an email that I sent out on your behalf, of your up-comin'
    show at Peggy O'Neils. What I wrote to the people on my email list, is the same msg. that I have to say to u regarding other muscians doin' shows.

    Here it goes:

    To all my blokes,

    This band - The Nerve, r hands down 1 of the hardest workin' bands that I've ever seen. Though I enjoy them, I don't relate to everything they do, but I liken them to ol' days of The Beatles & James Brown, just playin' their asses off.

    They're 1 of the few bands that I know of who actually have a real following. Not to compare them to those of u who r muscians pluggin' away at your own material, (art has no rite or wrong) but they have a strong & young following of kids who come to see them play, who don't know them personally, but just their music.

    Though they do other projects, they r quite centered & r relentless when it comes to their band The Nerve. Punk/Pop influenced, the show is nothing more than plain ol' fun.

    I've taken the time to write all of u a personal note, seein' that many of u (muscians or not) r quite busy. But like myself I know that u wish to support the art of music, however most of my emails regarding shows go by the wayside. I know this because when I attend shows I generally don't see anyone in the audience that I had
    informed about that particular show.

    I hope I'm not comin' off like - "I'm givin' u s$$t", it's just that if wish for people to come see u play, than bust a move an go see someone else perform.

    NO ONE on this planet has a busier schedule than me, maybe as busy, but not busier, & I make it by public transportation...........................

    All of us deserve to make a livin' at our profession, but if we don't support each other, especially at this stage, than who else will.
    To those of u who aren't muscians, & appreciate all the good music u listen to or buy, well this is how & where it starts!!

    Whether any of u show up for this or any other show that I inform u about, won't discourage me from continuing to pass along info. of this sort, as well as me attending shows.

    But for those who continue to miss everyone else's show, (muscians or fans alike)don't complain about not gettin' off the ground, as it takes many, many venues to go down, to reach your destination - I know, I live it everyday.

    If u can't make this show, at least check out their website to see what's goin' on, I'm sure most of u would like the same courtesey.


    Only the best to everyone............


    Friday, October 1st
    7PM to 11PM
    Peggy O'Neill's
    1904 Surf Ave. in Coney Isl. Bklyn.
    $8.00 admission
    All Ages​
    Now - for my NY gigspam post.... :smug: