A Variation on the Mixing 2 Different Cabinets Question

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    I have a 1000w Epifani Piccolo amp and a D.I.S.T 112 Epifani Cabinet. Epifani DIST cabinets are unique in that the speakers have two voice coils which allow you to switch the cabinet between 4 or 8 ohms. I have the opportunity to buy a used DIST Epifani 210 cabinet which are hard to find by the way.

    I know it's generally not a good idea to mix different size speaker cabinets but does the 4-8 ohm switch to match the ohms make it okay? Is there more to it than matching the power draw (ohms)? I haven't been able to find an answer on this and the Epifani website doesn't mention mixing different cabinets even on their FAQ page. Anyone have experience or thoughts on combining a 112 with a 210 and being able to match the ohms? This is the panel on both cabinets.

  2. I would set them both on 8 ohms and leave them there. That shows the amp 4 ohms which is 'safe' but for the huge amount of power available to each cab.

    Most likely the 112 would be first to die so put that on top.
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    I would also tape the switch so it could not be accidentally flipped to the 4Ω position.
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    The only thing unusual about this is the danger presented by the impedance switching capabilities of the cabs. If the cabs are designed to work well together they should sound fine. Otherwise results will be unpredictable.

    If you don't know, the different cabs in the Mesa Subway line are engineered to work well together. The cabs in some lines are simply made to match cosmetically and there is no real engineering to ensure the phase and group delay of various cabs are compatible. I don't know which category the Epifani D.I.S.T. line falls into.
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    They're supposed to be designed to work well together just by changing the ohm switch but their website says nothing about combining different size combinations. DIST2 — Epifani Bass Amps . As you can see they are not cheap but the build quality and sound are excellent. Plus their customer service reputation is good based upon a friend who's been using their gear for some time (although he is a sponsored player so I would expect he may get preferential treatment).

    They're more of a boutique company so there may not be as common with players on this site as you'd find with a larger brand.

    They make a 112, 210, 310 and a 410. I'm not sure why or how the phase or group delay could vary between cabs as long as one sits on top of the other and the front of the speakers are aligned.

    I might have an opportunity to test my 112 with a 210 and see how well they work together. Also, sent the company this question and I'll see what kind of answer they come back with. Will let you know either way.
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    Jun 8, 2016
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    I sent an email to Epifani and got an answer to this question within a day. Here's what they said. So apparently, they ARE designed exactly to work well together including mixing cab sizes. Good to know.

    "Hi Craig,

    Nick anticipated exactly this kind of thing and designed the cabs to work well together. There are quite a few Epifani players who mix 10s and 12s to get a good mix of booming lows and a sharp attack.

    The new DIST2 cabs (www.epifani.com/dist2) are in stock and ready to ship. Whenever you're ready just let us know which one you want and we'll make it happen.

    Thanks for being an Epifani player!

    Thank you,

    On Tue, 23 Jun at 1:32 AM , Craig wrote:
    I currently have a DIST 112 cabinet and would like to add a DIST 210 cabinet to my system. I understand they both have the dual coil with the 4 or 8 ohm capability but are these two different cabinet configurations designed to work and sound well together? Or are there any negative effects that may result with mixing these two cabinets? I didn't find any info or FAQs on the website that mentions this particular concern.

    Am I better off just using two DIST 112 cabinets or two DIST 210 cabinets?

    For amplification I use a red Epifani 550 (1000 watt upgraded) Picollo Amp.

    Thank you,
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  7. That amp is rated at 4 Ohm minimum and in the manual it says, "Do not exceed the minimum 4 ohm impedance"
    Keep them cabs on 8 if you will use more than one or you will blow it up.

    8 Ohm Cab + 8 Ohm Cab = 4 Ohms the amp will draw.

    8 Ohm Cab + 4 Ohm Cab = 2.67 Ohms the amp will draw.

    4 Ohm Cab + 4 Ohm Cab = 2 Ohms the amp will draw.

    Never present the last two formulas to your amp. As Paul said, "Tape them at 8 Ohms".

    They have been around a long time and were the big cab company many years ago on this site. Many are still using and very familiar with them, but many have also moved on to other companies.
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