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a very beginner would love to know...

Discussion in 'General Instruction [BG]' started by lashes, Sep 23, 2000.

  1. lashes


    Sep 23, 2000
    hi, i just got a dan electro like a week or two ago and i think it's beautiful...too bad i can't play it yet. i bought a book but i'm eager to learn everything there is to know but no time right now for lessons. does anyone know of any good bass resources on the web? i'm specifically looking for a fretboard "map" so i could keep track of where all the notes are that i'm learning in my little book.
    thanks for reading and happy playing!
  2. softballchickie87


    Sep 3, 2000
    well when i had just gotten my bass i went to http://www.libster.com and it helped me before i could start going to lessons.
    later *lisa*
  3. JoelT


    Aug 7, 2000

  4. I remember seeing a site where you could download some program that tells you all the notes for 4 and 5 string. Pity I can't remember it! :D

    Umm I often find myself stalking the http://www.basstabarchive.com nice little place. And TB is the mirror (PS By plugging TB do I get anything speeeeeesshhiiaall?) lol.


    NB: I noticed the replies and the thread starter are relatively new to TB so welcome and yes you have encountered Merlin. ;)
  5. (PS By plugging TB do I get anything speeeeeesshhiiaall?)

    ....of course you do Merls. Expect a parcel from us moderators containing a "Jr Omniring" soon. It doesn't actually have any powers, but it looks surprisingly real. Enjoy! :D
  6. lashes


    Sep 23, 2000
    thanks guys! i'm looking up the sites as you're reading this.
  7. *dials the bomb squad*
    "so Gard when was it supposed to arrive?!" [​IMG]
    "hello bombsquad?"
    "Moderators at Talkbass said they'd send me a package"
    "Code red! its ok sir, this happens every know and again, last guy didn't make it."


    PS I was gonna say "he was from canada" but we won't go there again....



  8. Welcome Lashes!

    I am a newbie too,and like you no time/$ for a teacher at this time.I think you have already found one of the best,most informative websites for bass already....talkbass
    is a wellspring of information(with a sprinkling of BS thrown in for good measure! :D )

    Check out your local music store and pick up a video on beginning bass.You may not use that as your main tool(i did`nt)but it will help you SEE how to do some basic things.

    As for playing?That comes with time.Right now you will be concentrating on getting your right and left hand coordinated with each other,getting the feel of the neck,and
    getting the left(right?) hand used to stretching across 4 frets.You will be surprised after a while...it really does get easier!

    Practice hitting the frets in the right spot,walking your fingers up and down the neck,decide if you want to use a pick or your fingers,get used to holding your bass,and read as many posts as you can!!!Even if you don`t think they pertain to you...I learn something everyday from reading the questions/answers of the other members.Most of the time I can`t apply what I learned directly to my practicing but I keep it in the ole memory bank until that day comes. :)

    Well,I guess I am rambling now....
    Enjoy your bass!

  9. Check out ActiveBass. They have tons of beginner lessons.
  10. Ok, what forum was that? :D You learn something! ha! lolololol Truly tho, TB rules. Hey Gard reckon you can add another forum/topic?? Say entitled "Drummers, A place to vent your frustration?"

    lololololol Be most popular. "Dumb jokes a requirement!" lolololololol.
    Now thats rambling Usul and the scary thing I do it soo well, is it any wonder i have 141 posts? :)


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