A warning to all male TBers

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  1. I got a call from my best friend a few hours ago. He called to tell me that he wasn't going to be home from college for thanksgiving for a few more days because he was in the hospital recovering from emergency surgery. He had a testicle removed. I asked him how it happened, assuming some type of external injury, and was very surprised when he told me that he had just "twisted it". It had lost bloodflow and died, and had to be surgically removed after what he had thought was an infection. I did some research on the subject, and apparently this is not unheard of at all, and it is a serious medical emergency, not a fluke incident. I had never heard of this before, and I assume that many people havn't, but it sure is an eye-opener. The Wikipedia article below has some useful information on the emergency. If detected quickly, damage can be minimalized and prevented, but if not, it can lead to the death of a testicle as in the case of my friend. Please, if you have any issues or unknown pain, get it checked out ASAP. (go to the ER.)

  2. My GOD. "Testicular torsion" sounds SO unpleasant!!!!!
  3. My brother in law had a similar "accident" a few years ago. The dog jumped on him while he was sleeping on the couch.

    Luckily he didn't have to have it removed, but he did have some sort of "untwisting" surgery.
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    That literally hurt to read. My thoughts and prayers go out to your friend during this tragic time.
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    maybe it's just my mind being naive about this.

    but how exactly does "twisting" occur?
  6. Been there, got the t-shirt, still have the nut.

    hurts like hell. vomit inducing pain that torsion is. For my troubles, bouts of epididymitis are not uncommon...
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    Wow, I am going to have to calm my extra cirricular activities down a bit, eh? :p

    Well, that just sounds awfully painful. Like being kicked constantly.
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    Thanks. I'm now paranoid.
  9. Don't be too paranoid, just think about the fact that mine happenned from the seam of my jeans pinchin me the wrong way when I sat down.


    No more tight jeans.

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    no more jeans for me. ever.
  11. Hell, I might not wear pants at all anymore!!!!!

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    Those old Scots had it right with the kilts. :p

    Think about it: maybe guys should wear dresses, and leave the pants to the girls!

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    Ouch. I hope your Friend recovers well.
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    We need to sticky this.
  15. And all along we've been admonishing the girls to "not get their panties in a wad" when we should have been taking care of business closer to home.
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    Though I like a nice skirt on a girl (with nice legs...), I think you may have something. Why do we wear clothing that has a lot of potential to damage our most prized posession(s) what with all the zippers, and seams, and buttons, and all that stuff? I call for a change to the social norms! Kilts, and pants with a lot of swinging room!

    P.S.: All the more reason to wear boxers!
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    Happened to one of my friend in high school. You can imagine
    what the girls thought of this when they learned :rolleyes: .
    Apparently it just kinda happened, while he was sitting or sleeping
    or something. But his "jewels" still work thankfully, but I think they
    actually stapled something in there so they wouldn't twist again...
    :help: :crying:

    Why am I saying all this?
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    Ive heard of torsion before. Creepy/.
  19. a girl will read this and just think "wow that woud suck"

    but a man reads this and doesnt even think... its a ::cringe:: and a ::leg cross::
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    i agree with not wearing pants anymore!!!! since my basses are made out of plexiglass..........WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOoooo