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A way to share .wdr files on TB?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by T-Bird, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. Hi.

    As the title says, is there?

    Aside for the obvious answer of creating an account on file hosting services and re-uploading 'em every time someone asks for it, because the free storage time has expired. Again ;).


    I'm not very fond of that usual extension swapping either, makes the paranoid in me wonder what the code really is every time I see it used.

  2. Hi Sam. :)

    Forgive my density but what is a wpr file???

  3. Hi Paul.

    My god I'm stupid, or senile, or both, it's supposed to be .wdr.

    The d somehow flipped over... by itself I guess...

    Where's the facepalm emoticon when You need it.

    Anyway, it's WinISD pro speaker data file, as You probably would've figured out, had I typed it correctly the first time around.

    No wonder no one else have replied. Thank You very much for pointing it out.

  4. Gremlins my brother, that has to be the cause, Gremlins :D
  5. What amount of files are proposed?
  6. Hi.

    From me, ATM just a single one I wasn't able to find, but I'm pretty sure there'd be some others who would have something to contribute as well.

    I will send it to anyone who wants it, obviously, but I'd think it would be neat to be able to somehow share 'em in here.

    The WinISD forum seems to be consentrated on more Hi-Fi oriented stuff, so at least with a quick glance, no help there.

  7. will33


    May 22, 2006
    I think some guys take a "screenshot" of their computer. Basically takes whatever's showing on your computer screen and turns it into a picture you can post just like a picture.

    I messed around with that one night. It never worked and ended up pissing me off. I don't get that much about all that computer stuff, I just figure out how to make them do what I want to do....often by ending up going "the long way around". I find it easier to write or draw what I'm talking about on a piece of paper, taking a picture of that piece of paper, then posting that picture.

    Don't know why I'm saying this other than I share your frustration. Seems that things that should be intuitively easy are made unnecessarily complicated for no reason at all.:)
  8. I can host them on my site.
    At first, they would have to be emailed to me for manual placement on the site.
    A later plan is developing a security scheme to allow anonymous incoming writes to new files only.
    This would prevent file overwrites or malicious destruction of files.

    My early experiences with WinISD Pro were quite annoying, as the data files do not like Eminence data sheets as presented.
    The trick with WinISD is adding new driver data in the order specified by the ISD online help file.
    This is quite arcane, but it does indeed work. Qms first, and so forth.
    ISD precisely calculates T/S data, and will not accept the rounded-off versions shown in the data sheets.

    I've been reading Janne Ahonen's tech papers.
    He is the math whiz behind WinISD calculations.
    He is an accomplished engineer... very precise and thorough.
  9. Hi.

    My thoughts exactly, hence the desire to share what I got working :).

    Well, as an BEng myself, I easily recognise the way Mr Ahonen has chosen for the level of precision and accuracy for their top of the line brainchild. It's not done for the sole reason of being unnecessarily complicated just for the sake of being complicated, it's just the way we aren't able to draw the line any lower ;).
    That's sometimes a real curse in everyday actions as well since people often accuse us engineering types of having a "holier than thou" attitude when explaining things, when in reality we just speak a different language, as we would as an engineer to engineer.

    Thanks, I'll do that as soon as I input the driver dimensions. I'm gigging this weekend, so sometime next week.

    Same here, it took me a while to get the rather limited T/S parameters to work at all.


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