A weighty issue from lightweight.....

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  1. ExoticBehemoth


    Jan 26, 2008
    Surrey, UK
    Hi there .

    Looking for a bit of advice on a more light weight bass.

    I've developed arthritic shoulders, which is making life a bit hard.
    I currently play a Geddy Lee signature Fender jazz and a fakewick Rock Bass 4 fretless both of which I can manage - the rockbass has always felt a bit lightweight in the past but now that's a bonus .
    My main bass for some years is a Yamaha RBX6JM (John Myung signature), which I love for a lot of reasons but is just starting to be too heavy for me to stand with .

    So I was looking for recommendations for active 5-stings (I've accepted I need to drop a string to reduce the strain on my hands too) that are lightweight and versatile without losing tone . These days I play mostly at church but still want to rock and funk in my own time.

    Oh and something that won't cost me loads more when I sell or trade the Yamaha. So prob sub £700.

    I've not bought an instrument for a few years and feel out of touch. Facebook market place and eBay seem awash with mega cheap basses from afar. I figure I'm going to have to track down a shop (moved recently but would like some intel beforehand.

    Any recommendations gladly received .