a WHOLE bunch of dilemmas with replacing speaker cab parts, preamps, etc...

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    Jan 11, 2009
    First of all, let me start by saying that I fully realize how little I actually understand about all of the technicalities of speakers, ohmage, wattage, cab design, and ultimately for this dilemma, finding proper speakers to replace in the cabinets I already own. Hopefully I can walk away from this with a better understanding of how everything works, and how to better avoid situations where I need new equipment once again.

    Here's the backstory: I bought a used Carvin RL410 and RL118 from a guy in Tucson. After I plugged it into my Carvin R1000, I realized that the 410 cab wasn't working at all. I put it into the shop to figure out what was wrong with it, and the guy told me that two of the tens were blown as well as the horn, and that all the speakers are run in series so if one doesn't work, none of them do. So I called Carvin and they told me that they didn't carry the Redline series any longer. So I bought yet another used Carvin RL210 cab with a horn off of ebay to replace my broken equipment. I had then transplanted to the 4x10 cab and off I went. Just recently I had another one of the original speakers blow in the 4x10 cab, and found out that this one had been my fault for running the 4x10 and 1x18 cabs bridged.

    I needed the cab for rehearsal, so I pulled the original 2x10 speakers out of the cab, found out that they had also been rebuilt, and were not running properly. I have now been without proper misbass drivers for some time now, making it nearly impossible to rehearse with a band.

    OK, so now comes the question: I am going to replace all 4 of the speakers in the Carvin RL410 cab with brand new speakers. I was looking at possibly purchasing Eminence Basslite CA2010s. Would this be a good speaker to replace with the cabinet dimensions that I'm working with? I was also told that because of their high frequency response they would negate the need for a horn of any kind. True or no? I have been fairly impressed with the sound of the Eminence speakers, I also own a Fender Bassman 400 combo amp with 2 eminence 10's in it. Hence the reason I was considering replacing the Carvins with Eminences.

    Also, can anyone suggest a better speaker if the Basslites are not good for the cab? I'm really new at all of this stuff, and could really use the help, and would rather not settle for buying junk, since it seems to me that i've already done so.

    Next question: I've just purchased a Stewart World 1.6 power amplifier off of ebay so that I can actually get rid of all of my Carvin equipment (sorry Carvin afficionados, nothing against any of you) because it hasn't seemed to be up to snuff.

    Next question: I have a Rocktron digital preamp (bought it used off of ebay) that crapped out on me. Even though it sounded good and was particularly tweakable, I have no intention of trying to fix something digital as it would cost more than the value of the preamp itself. It was fairly old. What would be a good replacement preamp to look into? I was suggested BBE B-max was good, but I'd prefer to get some more opinions before I take another plunge into something that I'll ultimately be unhappy with.

    Some possibly useful info: I play predominantly heavy metal (in the style of bands like SYL) so I need something very responsive (in the low end especially) that will hold up to lots of volume. I also play Jazz, so I need something that will sound very sweet and clean; and I also like to use techniques such as harmonics and finger-tapping.

    I know this post is kind of overkill, but I REALLY could use some help as anyone who reads this can tell.
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    Jan 1, 2009
    Wow you need to go buy a Rabbit's Foot and keep a Witch Doctor on Retainer. Ok you are going to use the 4-10 cabinet by it's self or are you going to use it with the 1-18" cabinet. What is the output and prefered ohms for the Amp?
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    Jan 11, 2009
    the output on the Stewart is 1600 watts RMS @4 ohms, so 800W per side. I'm actually ultimately planning on using the 410 as well as the 210 to compliment the 118 cab, but I'm on a budget right now so the full setup may have to wait a while. So I'm looking for 4 speakers to handle 800w RMS that sound particularly good for a fair price.

    here's a pretty good link for the specs on the Stewart 1.6:

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    Measure the cabinet and its ports. Download WinISD (it's free) and input those measurements. Use the program to advise you on what speakers would be suitable for your cabinet. Just loading any old 10" driver would be a crapshoot at best.

  5. While Carvin does not make the redline cabinets or amps anymore, the parts are readily available.

    These are the original speakers used in the 4X10


    On sale for $49 each
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    While the PS10 is a damn good little speaker it might not necessarily be the exact driver used originally. I have used many PS10s but the tens in a couple of Carvin cabinets I own are very different. However calling Carvin and asking what they recommend is certainly a wise starting point.

  7. AscensionI

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    Jan 11, 2009
    Since I've seemed to have a lot of problems with the Carvin speakers already, I'd prefer to shy away from using any Carvin products from now on.

    Also, where can I find this WinISD program to download?
  8. No offense, but...............

    You buy a used cab that already had blown drivers.

    You buy another used cab to take the speakers from which were also already blown then reconed improperly (by your own statement).

    Lastly, you blow some more speakers because of not knowing what your doing with your own equipment.

    This reflects poorly on Carvin how ????

    You state you want Eminence speakers..............who do you think custom makes most of Carvins drivers ??
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    You'll be wanting to avoid a lot of Eminence speakers then, since that's what the Carvins are ; }
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    There is nothing wrong with Carvin (Emminence) speakers. They are as good as many and better than most. If you buy used you are purchasing someone else's problems. You bought two blown cabinets - that's your mistake and nobody else's. But that happens when you buy used.

    Blaming Carvin for your mistakes is yet another mistake.


    P.S. Do a Google search on WinISD and you'll find it. P
  11. ErebusBass


    Feb 20, 2008
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    Why don't you just buy a new cabinet? This seems like an awful lot of trouble to repair one that was broken when you got it.
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    Jan 11, 2009
    Like I said, I apologize to anyone who is a big Carvin fan. I have really enjoyed the RL118 that I have, and still use it any chance I get. I just have not had much luck with their 10-inch speakers. I talked to a few repairmen as well, and they have said the same thing about the Carvin 10's. That they haven't seemed to perform as well since the late 80's to early 90's.

    I'm not trying to argue with anyone. I posted this to possibly get some help on what new speakers I should install into the good cabinets I already own.

    ErebusBass, I thought about that as well, but then it'd make the cabs I already own fairly pointless as well as the fact that they would just take up space. I don't know about you, but it seems to me that no one would want to buy scrap parts. Re-coning the speakers is a possibility as well, but it'll cost about as much as it would to buy new speakers, so I figured it'd just be the safest bet to buy something brand new, as opposed to used equipment as some of you noted.

    I completely agree that it was a gamble to buy used stuff, especially on good faith, and I'm now paying for that mistake.

    If any of you can offer some actual help as to what speakers to replace the 10-inch Carvins with, I'd be more than thankful. So far, it seems that I'm just being chastized for my own noted stupidity. Thank you all for your help so far.

    Just so everyone knows, I'm looking into something like a neodymium speaker by eminence or maybe beyma. I'd prefer to stay away from any more junk, or anything used.

    I guess I didn't realize that Eminence build speakers for Carvin, because since carvin does all of their own stuff I guess I just assumed that they built their own speakers. Or are they just speakers designed by Eminence or somehting along those lines.

    I'd like to get back on track please. If someone can offer some advice as to what I should install into these cabinets aside from Carvin, which speaker brand, and why, it'd be a great help.
  13. AscensionI

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    Jan 11, 2009
    also, thank you BassmanPaul for telling me where to get WinISD
  14. AscensionI

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    Jan 11, 2009
    Is there a version of WinISD that works for Macs?
  15. stflbn


    May 10, 2007
    Honestly, if the guy doesn't know enough about speaker cabinets to not blow speakers, or to not chain cabinets in manners they shouldn't... then really WinISD isn't going to be a lot of help to him.

    He firstly needs to determine what he's doing to blow speakers and STOP that practice... then he needs to either buy good enough used cabs to serve his purpose or buy new cabs.

    But unless he changes his approach he's just going to blow anything he gets.
  16. IvanMike

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    call carvin. see what they say. that would be my first move. the speakers originally put in it were (probably) designed to work in that box (or the box was designed around the speakers) .....maybe. Getting speakers with specs close to those would be my first move.
  17. stflbn


    May 10, 2007
    There's nothing wrong with buying used... buying Used without testing is a poor poor gamble.

    It sounds like you need to come to terms with what 10's are capable of. You can only do what your cabs allow you to do and obviously your volume and EQ and combination of both is killing speakers.

    Sounds like you need to slow down and learn a great deal about how amps/cabs really work, or get a professional who knows what they're doing to recommend some used gear for you that won't tear it'self up.

    However, the wrong volumes and EQ'ing can STILL tear up gear.

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    Agreed. It seems to me -and I'm saying this as constructive advice, not chastisement- that buying new speakers for these cabs will take so much time, money, and effort, with no guarantee of good results unless you do a ton of research and self education, that the odds of it all being wasted are too high.

    You may think you'd save money and hassle by "fixing" those cabs, but at this point I do not believe it would work out that way.

    Your best bet, honestly, is to unload those cabs on Craigslist for a few dollars, and just buy some cabs that come with a return policy or a warranty- new or used from a reliable store.

    If you agree to start there, then I and I'm sure other people will be happy to help you learn how not to blow speakers in the future. :)
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    Jan 11, 2009
    OK, well since everyone on here seems to understand how NOT to blow speakers, what do I do? This is a learning experience for me so tell me what to do intead of referring to me in the third person like I posted this thread with no intention of figuring out what the hell I'm doing wrong...