Aardvark Aark 20/20+ PC Recording Equip.

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  1. Aardvark Aark 20/20+ PCI card, breakout box, cable. See the link below for detailed info/specs/etc.

    Here's the marketing-speak:
    Achieving superior sound requires simple, foolproof gear. That’s why studio pros worldwide trust Aardvark digital audio products to always deliver natural, dynamic sound. The Aark 20/20+ brings multichannel audio to your PC with superior resolution and amazing sound quality. Its premium shielded outboard converters, ultra-quiet design and low-jitter clock preserve the warmth and fidelity of your music. You’ll notice the difference in any CD recording session where sonic excellence is an absolute must.
    Now, the Aark 20/20+ is powerful enough to interface your PC with any gear in your studio. You can fly tracks in and out of your ADAT® with the optical I/O, sequence your synth gear using MIDI, and connect directly to your DAT via S/PDIF. And with TOSLINK optical support you can make a direct digital transfer from any Sony Minidisc™ or CD player.

    $300 shipped to your door!

    email me Aardvark Website
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    will sell for $290....