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ABG's: Turner vs. Allen vs. Azola?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by bassman blue, Jul 23, 2005.

  1. Anyone had the opportunity to play and compare any of the accoustic basses made by Rick Turner, Rob Allen or Azola? I am interested in a 4 string model and have narrowed down my search to include these because I like the thinner body styles they offer and no doubt the quality must be very good with all of them.
  2. Rick Turner

    Rick Turner Commercial User

    Jul 14, 2004
    I design and build electric basses and pickups under the Turner, Renaissance, and Electroline brand names.
    You're in Vancouver so the closest Turner/Renaissance dealer to you is Bass Northwest. Do you get to Seattle often? If so, stop in, say "hi" to Evan and Chad, and try one of my basses.
  3. Wow, thanks for the note. A bit of a coincidence, I just bought a Rick Turner RB4 this morning from a gent in Milpitas, CA. I'm really looking forward to receiving it. I have been to Bass Northwest many times, but never had or took the opportunity to play one of your basses. I am interested in a thumb rest for it.... any suggestions? :) Al.
  4. Rick Turner

    Rick Turner Commercial User

    Jul 14, 2004
    I design and build electric basses and pickups under the Turner, Renaissance, and Electroline brand names.
    Send me an email with your address, and I'll send you a thumb rest. We make them in rosewood, and you can double stick tape in on to check placement, and then superglue in on permanently.
  5. Amazing. Thanks Rick. I have a really good feeling about this Rick Turner bass that is on its way :hyper:
  6. I've played the Turner Renaisance and the Rob Allen MB-2 and loved them both. I visited Rob in Santa Barbara in June and bought an MB2 in Koa with an Ebony fingerboard, lined fretless. I have to wait another couple of months for delivery, but found the workmanship and sound quality remarkable. Rob used to work for Rick Turner and the two basses clearly look and sound like siblings.

    Rob also seems like a really good guy with great attention to detail and a willingness to please.
  7. Yes, the Rob Allen basses look amazing. Unfortunately, for me it's hard to find these types of basses in order to play them before making a decision. Congrats on your purchase. I am sure it will be a terrific bass.
  8. lamborghini98

    lamborghini98 The Aristocrats

    May 1, 2005
    NYC; Portland, OR
    Wow. I think its really funny that the first post on your thread is from one of the guys who youre looking to buy from!
    Ive personally heard Rob Allens live (I was in Rudy's when someone was trying them out for about half an hour before the salesman never got to me.... ), and I must say.. very classy. If you get one, I dont see any reason why you would regret it.
  9. Yes, I'm sure they're all great basses, but something about a Rick Turner bass that has me hooked. Anyway, I have the Rick Turner Ren bass on its way.
  10. Well, never did get the thumbrest and tried, without success to order a dingus/strap extension for the Ren. Without the better balance point and some place to anchor my thumb it was just too awkward to play. The Ren is history and I've got a Read Custom coming, that has an upper horn for balance and already has a thumbrest. :)
  11. just an update on the Jack Read Custom hollowbody bass i received. for anyone looking for an uprighty tone and shopping for a bass, this is definately worth looking and listening to. the Read is fretless with fret lines. the body is completely hollow, with a K&K custom transducer that is well shielded. it has a volume knob and an "f hole". the bass is quite loud unplugged and plugged in has an incredible upright tone. in comparison to the Turner Ren i just sold, the read is closer to the upright sound, plays nicer, and balances 100% better. it is strung with TI Flats and this alone makes it easier to play than the TI Acousticore strings that can take some getting used to. Jack Read's construction is absolutely flawless. all in all a beautifully organic sounding and playing hollowbody bass, that i'm very pleased with. i mentioned it before, but the people at Bunnybass have some beautiful basses for sale and jimmy was an absolute pleasure to deal with. i'll be snooping around there more in the future.
  12. Very nice bass!
    What are the price range?

  13. retail shows they start at $2300, depending on wood types, etc.