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  1. Where would most people put the Musicmaster in relationship to the rest of the Fender/Squier lineup?
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    Jul 30, 2004
    Midway up the shortscale side of the family tree. Less desirable than older (and maybe some of the new) Mustangs (because of superior electronics and hardware on the Mustangs). But, to my ear far superior to the Squire Bronco (never picked one up that I liked and the Bronco body is Agathis, the Musicmaster is Alder). With the right replacement pickup (Aero makes a good one, plus the DiMarzio Fast trac Strat replacements work very well too), a Musicmaster can sound and play better than most Mustangs.
  3. Hmmmm. Interesting.

    Are they still in production> I can Google that - so if you're busy I can get that info anyway.

    In my quest to not buy or own a turkey, I have an opportunity tomorrow to go see one that's supposed to be a cherry. It sat in a case until someone in the family died and was just re-discovered under a bed.
  4. Gack! Gonna Hijack my own thread a minute ::::

    I was researchin' the 'Musicmaster' and hit this incredible pix:::


    What did I find?

    Anyway - The Wiki has this info on the Musicmaster Bass:::

    Kinda cool.
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