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  1. I have a L-2000 Tribute Premium, year model is 2004. I was just wondering what the difference is in the neck size is, as compared to say a Fender jazz or P-bass. Also, what is the definition of A, B, and C necks? Thanks for any info on this subject. Roger Winkler :help: www.recklessunion.com
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    A = 1.5", same as Jazz
    B = 1-5/8", same as Stingray
    C = 1.75", same as Precision
  3. Thanks bdgotoh, I measured my neck and it's a B size. I knew it was wider than a jazz but wasn't sure what width a precision is. Thanks for the info. Roger Winkler www.recklessunion.com
  4. Ah, so that's where they got the 1-5/8" from. I never realized that MM Stingray's had a different neck width. I wonder if Leo did that to keep from running afoul of CBS/Fender so many years ago?

    Thanks for that pearl, bdgotoh.
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    Current Fender Precisions (American and Standard) typically have 1-5/8" wide necks. If you are searching for a 1-3/4" neck you will need to get a re-issue model (or a G&L!).

    I don't know the history of neck width, but older B-necked Precisions are also not uncommon, especially '70's models. My '74 P-bass has a 1-5/8" neck.

    1-5/8 is my favorite size, but I don't believe that G&L offers it. That being said, I dont believe I have met a G&L neck I haven't liked.