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About GR Bass Amplification

Discussion in 'GR Bass Amplification' started by jfiles, Dec 4, 2018.

  1. jfiles

    jfiles Sonata Marketing • GR Bass Amplifiers Supporting Member Commercial User

    Oct 29, 2002
    Austin, Texas
    Owner, Sonata Marketing
    For the first time in the USA, the complete GR Bass amp line is now available. The GR Bass line includes amplifiers, speaker cabinets, and combo amplifiers. GR Bass also offers customized graphics and colors on the amplifiers, speakers, and combos which are available by special order.

    The amplifiers are designed around lightweight high-quality power amplifier modules. The PureAmp 350, PureAmp800 & PureAmp 700×2 are bare bones amplifiers designed to give you great tone and are a great value if you don’t need the features, or if you just want a pedal platform. The miniONE, ONE350, ONE800 and ONE1400 (the heaviest of which is still only 6.25 Lbs.) share feature sets that will provide the greatest value and performance of any bass amplifier available.

    The GR Bass speaker cabinets are high power handling in a super lightweight package. All GR Bass speaker cabinets include an adjustable tweeter and dual “combo-jack” SpeakOn connectors. GR Bass speaker cabinets are available in lots of speaker combinations; 1-12”, 2-8”, 2-10”, 2-12”, 1-15” & 4-10” speaker cabinets.

    GR Bass combo amplifiers come in two power ratings; 350w & 800w RMS. These amplifiers come packaged in three speaker configurations that result in six unique models; 1-12” 350W Cube, 1-12” 800W Cube, 1-12” 350W compact, 1-12” 800W compact, 2-10” 350W compact, and 2-10” 800W compact combo amplifiers. All GR Bass combo amplifiers are high power capacity, super lightweight and have great tone.

    Check out the GR Bass amplifiers on the Sonata Marketing distributors website, GR Bass Amplification - Sonata Marketing.

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