About to buy an Ashdown MAG 300 head and a MAG 115 Deep Cab...

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  1. Hi. I'm about to buy an Ashdown MAG 300 head and a MAG 115 Deep Cab. I'd like to have any comments on those two products. I've been looking for a cheap with great low end for a while and that's what I've found was the best for my budget VS quality of sound.

    I played with for an hour at the music store and I think that as soon as I'll get used to the equalizer (I know it's not the best of all but for that price...) I'll be able to have an excellent sound for the melodic death metal I'm playing.

    All comments welcome!
  2. Be sure to check out the cabinet deals at AVATAR SPEAKERS for some great deals. Dave sells the Ashdown MAG 300 for $249 ($19 S&H), so be sure to him out.... plus, he has great customer service!
  3. Thanks. But as I live in Canada, I prefer to buy it from my local seller. This means better (much faster) help if I hav any problem with it. Also, I like to buy my gear localy and encourage local sellers. Also, when you buy such items, you usualy pay taxes when it crosses the lines (about 10% usually).
  4. ...up...

    Thanks for your comments!
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    Recently bought a MAG 300 head. Very nice, even vs. amps retailing for twice the $. Highly recommended- nice and warm for a ss head.
  6. I've been using an older UK built Mag 200 115 combo for a last few years. I like it very much. It gets plenty loud for the over 50 classic rock and c&w crowd in 100 to 200 seat venues that I usually play for. I find the tone to be excellent for such an inexpensive amp and the low price enabled me to buy the bass of my dreams (RickTurner Electroline PMM). In a few years I'll be able to step up to something like the ABM 500 and Berg cabs, but for now it is great
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    Jun 20, 2005
    I have that exact rig......a cheap setup that sounds good....pretty light and can handle small nightclubs without PA assistance.......however, do yourself a favor and get a sansamp for some extra grit and tone
  8. Thanks a lot for your answers guys! The only thing that is stopping me now is that I have to sell my old Peavey TKO 115 before I buy the new Ashdown. I just don't know how much I'll get for it. It's worth 750 USD, brand new...